Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Still Catching Fish

John 21:1-14…

So the disciples had seen the risen Jesus, and they believed in Him, too. But now what? The idea of a Great Commission mandate had not fully taken hold of them yet. So Peter was not simply going out on a fishing trip to the Sea of Galilee (John 6:1). He was going back to work as a fisherman. Of course, Jesus shows up and changes the whole dynamic once again.

This scene reminds us of what had taken place about three years earlier, near the beginning of Peter’s relationship with Jesus, and most likely very near this same spot (Luke 5:1-11). After that episode these disciples left their fishing behind and followed Jesus full time, fishing for men.

Now here they were again, fishing, as they had before all this “Jesus stuff”. They knew Jesus was real, and He was resurrected, but they were still confused as to what to do. As it will, when we believe the truth but we don’t seem to have direction, the old life gives us that familiar call. Apparently, they had forgotten about the “real” fish. 

Now here comes Jesus to once again remind them of who He is and how He directs us. When they obey His word, they are again blessed with a bundle of fish. John seems to realize what was going on. And Peter, who had wanted to get away, now can’t wait to get near. Jesus feeds them, and then He would start to tell them about feeding others.

Whether we have a Sea of Galilee experience or not, every so often you will experience little bits of divine providence that remind you who the power is along the path. But when we start looking for direction on something we want, without fulfilling the direction we already have, that is when we are looking for the wrong fish. The truth is that we are all too often waiting on some “right now” word from God before we act. In doing so, we fail in our duty to be faithful to the definite direction given to us for our daily lives.

The resurrection has implications for how we are to live now, every day. It is not simply fire insurance or a retirement plan. It has application right now, to your life. Go catch some real fish.

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