Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: A powerful encounter

Matthew 28:1-7 / Mark 16:1-8 / Luke 24:1-7 / John 20:1…

In this passage, we see God building a sure foundation for the faith of believers. These dear women, who loved Jesus, were still having a hard time believing that His words about rising from the dead would be literally fulfilled. This is why they were bringing spices to anoint the body, and wondering who would roll away the stone for them.

Still, among the followers of Jesus, these women were the last to leave the cross, and the first to see the tomb. Although they didn’t as yet believe, their courage and commitment led them to go to the burial site. As they make their way, they encounter several signs of God’s victory.

First, an angel causes an earthquake, rolls back the stone covering the tomb, and sits on it. The stone wasn’t moved so that Jesus could get out; it was moved so the disciples could get in. These women would be able to see the empty tomb for themselves. Christ is victorious over death.

Then the women actually see this angel in a glorified state. This terrifying sight causes the guards to pass out in fear. Both the women and the guards witness the same evidence, but they have different reactions. It depends on your commitments. For those who are against God, the truth is actually a terror. Christ is victorious over His enemies.

The angel speaks a word of comfort (do not be afraid), makes an important announcement (He has risen), and gives a vital exhortation (go quickly and tell). The women were the first to see the signs and became the first evangelists. God is victorious over unbelief.

This is the pattern of God’s victory over you. When we first encounter God’s presence and power, we are most often frightened by the experience. But through His Word, God comforts us with His love, convicts us with His truth, and then commissions us with His message.

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