Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Dare to share

Luke 24:8-11 / John 20:2…

Mary Magdalene and the other women had found the empty tomb, but while Mary ran off to tell the disciples that the body might have been stolen (John 20:2), the other women are told by the angels that Jesus has risen (Luke 24:4-7). The other women were too afraid to say anything at first (Mark 16:8). But their joy overcame their fear, and they tell the disciples. But the disciples do not believe their story (Luke 24:8-11).

Have you ever made some discovery, and you were so excited about it that you just had to run and tell somebody? How many times did the person on the other end get as excited as you about it? Yeah, we’ve all been there, where they just don’t have the same reaction. Well, what can you expect? Hearing it from someone else isn’t the same as having been there.

Your witness, your testimony, your evangelism are important. But many times, no matter what you say, people are reluctant to take it as anything other than mere enthusiasm. They might even think you’re delusional. That doesn’t make sharing your faith and giving testimony any less vital. Evangelism, apologetics, whatever the endeavor, it is all part of a process (1 Corinthians 3:6). 

Think about it. The Holy Spirit draws people to Christ. Drawing means it takes time, like pulling up water from a well. Most won’t be as excited about Jesus as you are. Even Christians might not be as excited as you are about a passage of scripture or some spiritual experience you had. Share it anyway (Philemon 1:6). It’s all part of the experience God uses to draw them closer to Him.  

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