Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Satisfy Your Thirst

They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. But horses get thirsty, and if that water looks good, that horse is going to drink.

You can’t quit your pet sin for long by sheer willpower, especially when your will hasn’t been changed. You still want the thing. But that changes when you see Jesus as the more beautiful thing. You fight affections with affections. It’s hard to get a bone out of a dog’s mouth. But that dog will let go of that bone if you give it a steak. 

You need to exercise your faith. Jesus said the wells of this world can never fully satisfy your thirst. But he can. So, you need to be around preaching, teaching, and singing that treats Jesus like he is more beautiful and satisfying than anything else. And be with people who live like that’s true. 

“Living For Today With An Eye For Tomorrow”©

Saturday, June 15, 2024

The Meaning of the Rainbow

When Noah came out of the Ark, God made a promise to never judge the world again with water. The rainbow is the sign of that promise. But the rainbow also points to another promise. A promise that when Jesus returns, God will judge the world again, and this time, by fire.

People have perverted the meaning of the rainbow. They fly the rainbow flag as a symbol of sexual pride, and libertine freedom, apart from God’s will. As if to say, “God doesn’t judge me.” But the rainbow isn’t a promise of no judgment, it is a sign of the coming judgment.

Every time you see those colors fly in defiance of God’s will, or as a symbol that God will not judge sin, you know that judgment is coming, as sure as Noah’s flood. Ironically, waving that flag doesn’t mean, “I am free.” It means, “I am under the judgment of God.” You need to wave the white flag of surrender to Jesus.  

“Living For Today With An Eye For Tomorrow”©

Thursday, June 06, 2024

God is Good when You are Bad

Maybe you’ve done something bad. And you don’t think you can be forgiven. Or maybe something bad has happened to you. And you went so far as to curse God. Whatever the case may be, you wouldn’t be the only one. And you wouldn’t be the worst sinner there was. And you wouldn’t be the only one who found forgiveness and hope.

In 1 Timothy 1:12-16, the Apostle Paul says that the Lord made him a minister, even though he had been a blasphemer, and murderer. And he says that the grace of God and the love of Christ overflowed to him, because Jesus came into the world to save sinners, and I am the worst of them! 

This is so important. Paul said that the reason he was given mercy was to serve as an example of God’s patience for those who would become believers in him. So, if God can forgive the worst blasphemer, who persecuted and killed God’s people, then he can forgive you. Believe it. 

“Living For Today With An Eye For Tomorrow”©