Saturday, September 23, 2017

You know the reason why

Why don’t people want to come to church?

It’s because it isn’t about wanting to come to church until it is about needing to come to church. In our neck of the woods, before the hurricane got near, people weren’t waiting all day in gas lines. But as it approached, people were scrambling all around this county trying to find anywhere that had gas. It was limited, it was running out, and people were running out of patience, and hope. Everybody was willing to wait in the gas lines then. People were up at all times of the night, looking anywhere and everywhere, hoping to see a tanker at a station, going from station to station, checking their GasBuddy phone app, and trying to get a good place in line. You needed gas to get your family out of town, gas for your generator, to hunker down, gas to drive, and gas to stay alive. You had to have it. People don’t come to church when they aren’t convinced that they really need it. But if you know you must have it then you will want it. And you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. People don’t want to come to church because they think they can be good with God without it. But that only proves they aren’t.

Why don’t people walk away from their sin?

Because when you know how sinful sin really is, what it is really doing to you, you won’t walk, you’ll run from it. When you aren’t convinced that it is really doing what it is really doing, you play with it, you tolerate it, and you relish it, instead of running from it. People don’t walk away from sin because you never walk away from sin. When it comes to sin, you don’t just need to see the light; you need to feel the heat. If you saw your sin as the monster it is, eating your soul, and then you saw God as your only protection, you’d run all right. When you see your God, and you see your sin, you’ll run to him.