Thursday, December 26, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Gut check

John 21:20-23…

Peter was probably already dead by the time John wrote this account. So what is the purpose? John tells us that it was to clear up a misconception. Jesus did not say that John would be alive at His return. He simply said that if it was His will that Peter die, while John lives, it was none of Peter’s business. Death is under our Lord’s sovereign control. It is not Peter’s business to raise questions about John’s death.

Before we pile on Peter, let’s be honest with ourselves. Isn’t this just how it is with all of us at times? We find out that in order to glorify God, we are going to have to endure some things we would rather not have to experience along the way. So what do we do? We look around for someone else to compare to. Usually it is someone else who is close to our own situation, and we ask, what about them? In other words, why do I have to go through this, if they don’t have to? This is our sinful, sanctimonious thought process, or flawed notion of fairness. Admit it.

Sometimes, when we see someone else get blessed, while we get burdened, it would seem that God doesn’t care about fair. It really gets to us when we put in more honest effort than the “lucky guy”. But isn’t this about our worship anyway? Or do we think God owes us something for doing what was just our duty to do (Luke 17:10)?

Certainly there are times when we should cry out to God for mercy, but we must do that in humility and gratefulness. Wherever God assigns you, and whatever God assigns to you, He will be with you. Stop worrying about the other guy. Jesus is going to do what is exactly right with you. He is going ahead of you into that very thing you think you shouldn’t have to go through, so take up your cross, and follow Him.  

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