Friday, December 13, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: He knew her name

Mark 16:9-11 / John 20:10-18…

Then the disciples went back to their homes. While Peter and John left the scene, Mary stayed behind, weeping outside the tomb. Looking inside she saw two angels, who asked her why she was crying. Mary had assumed that Jesus was still dead, His body had been stolen, and that she wouldn’t be able to find it. The truth was that Jesus was very much alive.

Having said this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing, but she did not know that it was Jesus. Even after Jesus speaks to her, asking her why she was crying, and who she was looking for, she doesn’t realize it is Him.  Perhaps this was because the last image she had was of Him being beaten, bloody, and broken (Isaiah 52:14).

Jesus said to her, "Mary." Now she knew who was speaking to her! It wasn’t a case of “seeing is believing”, and even hearing Jesus speak didn’t seem to be enough. It was when Jesus addressed Mary as a loved one that her soul was enlightened. When we encounter a personal, loving Savior, this is when our tears of sorrow turn into tears of joy.

Do not cling to me…Mary obviously got excited. Now Jesus was not trying to prevent Mary from touching Him (cf. John 20:27). He was making it clear that He would be returning to His Father. Clinging to Him wouldn’t prevent His departure.

I have seen the Lord. Mary goes to report her encounter with Jesus to the disciples, as they mourned and wept, but they don’t believe her. People can tell you about Jesus and about their personal experience with Him. Those things are necessary and wonderful. But the truth is that people need their own personal encounter with Christ.

Knowing that He knows and loves us, personally, is what turns our weeping into witnessing.

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