Thursday, January 14, 2021

New move, old groove

Luke 2:21-38…

When a new dream, or a new vision, and a new paradigm have entered into your life, what are you supposed to do first? How are you supposed to walk rightly, obediently? How do we begin to bring Christ into our new life?

The answer is that you do what you already know you should do. The new “to do” list will appear as you walk down the old road of obedience. Some things will change, radically, but the mundane is part of the movement of God along the path.

The standard for revealed truth is that it conforms in essence to what has already been revealed. New prophetic purpose may be born, but the fulfillment of the old is what gives way to the new. The old wave of righteous saints will confirm the new wave of righteous action. They will revel in it, not rebel against it. They have been waiting for it. The Spirit of God will move the godly to proclaim the name of Christ upon the movement of God. This proclamation will be a confirmation; the line of testimony will be unbroken, the way forward will appear.

The old guard will be comforted to see the fulfillment of God’s Word to the faithful. He is still moving among the generations (Matthew 28:18-20 / Hebrews 13:5-6). The old faithful will see the glory of God at the end of life when all others who are not alive to the vision will think them used up. God will grace them with a glimpse of glory before they are taken up into it.

Be looking for those old saints. They are a key to seeing the power of your dream. To see the new move, hit the old groove.

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