Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Welcome party

Matthew 9:18-19 / Mark 5:21-24 / Luke 8:40-42…

This short passage doesn’t seem to get to the point, does it? However, even without the conclusion a few verses later, we can see several things we need to know about “setting the table” for God to move. Would Jesus be welcome at our table?

The first thing we see is the attitude of the people. Jesus was driven from one place, and like most of us, He goes where He is welcome. They were waiting on Him. This is the same whether it is the city, church, home, or the individual life. Does He feel invited today, wherever you are? What spiritual food are you feeding on? Are you appreciative – does Jesus control your diet, or are you just inviting Him over as a guest?

There is also the point of asking (James 4:2). He approaches near to those who come near to Him (James 4:8). The crowds massed about and caved in on Jesus, but one man made sure he got close. He had come from his own place and earnestly implored Jesus to help his daughter. Jesus responds to the faith of the man. Do you ask Him to move in your life, and on behalf of others? Are you active – do you put legs to your prayers?

Finally, we see anticipation when Jesus begins to move on behalf of the man. The crowd reacts to the movements of Jesus. They went walking with Him. People want to see what Jesus will do. Do you move and expect Him to follow, or are you the one who is the follower? Are you paying attention – Jesus is on the move, but are you following along in expectant faith?

Just who is the servant at that table, anyway (Luke 17:7-10)?

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