Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Big things in small packages

Matthew 13:31-32 / Mark 4:30-32 / Luke 13:18-19…

Jesus tells us that although the kingdom of God seems like a tiny seed when it is first sown, it can grow to tremendous proportions. He is telling us that He can live big in our lives if we will keep planting Him into the soil of our situations. Think about this “tree” clearly; Jesus is saying that the kingdom of God, and the Word of God in you, will provide for us growth, shelter, blessedness, and ministry opportunity. It is a mighty seed indeed.

The kingdom of God provides for the eternal desires we all have. If you watch television, notice the movies that are released, read the paper, look at the banner ads on your computer, or the social networking sites, you will see that there is no end to the search for significance, the desire for sufficiency, and the need to feel secure.

To put it another way, every person who was and who will ever be born is really looking for only three things: safety, satisfaction, and rest. Think about it and you will agree that any desire can fall into one or more of these categories.

We seek out temporal means of obtaining the eternal desires of our soul, things that can only lead to more needs and less actual safety, satisfaction, and rest. Most would agree that the reason many of us medicate ourselves with food, drugs, alcohol, sex, or any number of addictions is because we are not having our needs met in one of these areas.

This is why it is so critical that Christians understand that it isn’t who we are, but whose we are. Jesus said that if we seek to find our life we would lose it, but that if we lost it for His sake we would find it (Matthew 16:25). Instead of needing a certain social or political status, religious, professional or community standing, we need to identify with who we are in Christ.

The seed is our need.

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