Monday, April 01, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: How hypocrisy happens

Luke 7:36-50…

The scope of your forgiveness determines the size of your love. What exactly are you looking at when you are in the presence of God? The man was thinking about what a great sinner this woman was. The woman was thinking about what a great savior Jesus was. We shouldn’t look down on others, but up to Him. No matter how much higher or lower you might be compared to someone else, compared to Jesus we are all at the bottom floor.

She had the attitudes of worship; humility, reverence, and service. She took the actions of worship; adoration and sacrifice. We can be like her or we can be like the man, where we stop worshipping God and we start exalting self. Any looking down on anyone else immediately places us in the position of being self-righteous.

We cannot measure how far we are removed from someone else’s sin, because the minute we do that, we remove our eyes from Jesus and lose all sense of the true measure. Are you measuring the meager distance between you and some other person? Do you not see the great chasm between you and Christ? Do you forget how far down He had to reach to get you? Perhaps you fail to see Him in His exaltation because of your hypocritical eye.

When you see the depths of your depravity compared to the heights of His holiness, it is then you can see the measure of His love. This will only increase as we enter eternity. We will have been perfected, but we will continue to revel in the revelation of His perfections. If we believe it, there will be a difference in how we live now (1 John 3:2-3), but also how we look at others.

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