Saturday, April 20, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Pigs before people

Matthew 8:33-34 / Mark 5:14-20 / Luke 8:34-39…

Sometimes we can be like those townspeople. They knew that Jesus was responsible for the deliverance of the demon possessed and that He had sent the demons into the pigs. This caused them great fear; not only in awe of the power of Jesus, but at the thought that they too might have to lose something to help someone. They weren’t willing to give up their livelihood, they were afraid of the sight of a changed man and what it cost them, and they asked Jesus to leave. The demons didn’t mind leaving the man as long as they could stick around that town. Why? The people cared more about the pigs than others.

People want God to do something, but when He does it in a way that makes them count the cost, they are unwilling to pay it. It might get a little messy; it might cost you something personally for God to move in someone else’s life. And you might not get to sacrifice the things you are ready to lose. It might be that God takes away something you want to give something they need. God in His sovereign will brings things to pass through means, and that means if you want it you will have to be sacrificing some time, some money, and some comfort.

Many today, however, by our lack of prayer and care, are asking Jesus to leave. We say we want that man to be set free, but all we really want is for him to settle down and be quiet, not to disturb our peaceful life. We don’t want to help him if it is going to cost us something. Our lack of care in prayer shows the truth that we either have nothing at stake, or don’t want to put ourselves at risk. But revival, deliverance, repentance and restoration are going to cost you something, and an empty altar receives no fire.

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