Monday, October 19, 2009

Feeding the Monster

And he said to them, "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.
(Mark 2:27 – ESV)

Here are some thoughts about institutions, both civil and church, in the light of our fallen humanity and its attendant depravity.

Help those in need, certainly; help everyone become needy, certainly not.

From each according to his ability
To each according to his need
This is not a Christian ideology, this is Marxism

What happens is that needs are created that didn’t exist before as slackers subsist on the welfare of others, while the truly needy are stuck in a queue somewhere.

What happens is that abilities are marginalized not motivated, as people have no reason to do more, or their best, there is no reason to push when everyone is on the wagon.

When the incentive is taken away productivity falls, and creativity dies.

No reason to do extra when good enough gets the same results and poor is equally awarded.

It is not only that doing more doesn’t gain anything; it is that doing less gets the same as doing more, or doing nothing.

In a fallen world, there will always be people who will only invest as much of themselves as is necessary to get the required benefit; we see it in church all the time.

Government can get so big, so intrusive, and so pervasive that it becomes a necessity beyond what it is intended to do, and we must continue to feed it, keep it going, make it bigger, because more are now so connected that if we fail to feed it, everyone else dies. That is when the state becomes the instrument of creative catastrophe.

The government is supposed to be an instrument to service the people, but the people become an instrument to service the government.

It is the same with a church.

The church is supposed to be an instrument to service the people, but the people become an instrument to service the church. We must feed the mega monster in order to keep her alive. That is when the church becomes the instrument of compromise.

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Even So... said...

I just had some random thoughts about things I have seen lately, and I wanted to make sure people knew I was still posting most every your google reader or other device, it may not register as a new post when we take an old post and rework it or add the audio, so every once in awhile, I will post something completely new so as to get people to check us out again...stay tuned...thank you, and God bless...

Even So... said...

Yes, I know people are supposed to serve in the church, but follow the logic I have been using previous to that statement to see what I am referring to...

T said...

You are so on the money with this one! This post is extremely relevant today both in our governmental situation as well as the mega church scenario.

T said...

By the way the share option is great. It took me 5 seconds to post this on my facebook.