Thursday, October 01, 2009

What about Tithing? Part 4


Listen to the audio or you might get the wrong idea. The New Testament teaches grace giving. We will first look at the concept of tithing as seen in the Old Testament, and then discuss how this relates to the New Testament, and what it teaches about giving and stewardship in general.

Deuteronomy 14 principle of provision (vs.22ff)

• There was a yearly trip to make the tithe and they ate part of it (joyful feast)

• You learn to fear God by learning to trust Him

• A portion goes to Levites

• Those who had too much to carry could bring cash to be converted later

• Special offering every three years as benevolence for the marginalized

• Blessing from God for obedience (giving to God by giving to people)

• God provides for His people through His people.

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Even So... said...


Even So... said...

This is the fourth of 5 consecutive posts on this subject...

mrs.moore said...

now here is some familiarity! and believe it or not, taught to me by the military lifestyle. often we find ourselves short of everything about 3 days before the pay day. what to do what to do??? that's right i have neighbors all around me that are going through the same thing. we can pool it all together and find that we have more than enough to make it. everytime i reintergrate to a new post the first place u find is the lending closet. u can borrow virtually anything from it and it is all furnished from someone elses abundance. so i have carried that with me for the past 12 years and have learned and grown much! i can't wait for the conclusion and seeing ho it all comes together!!

MrsEvenSo... said...

Learning to give God's way is like learning to submit to the authority figures God puts in your life.
As long as you look at it as a chore or a means to achieve status or worldly goods you are in bondage to it.
Once you relate to God rightly in these areas it is true freedom in Christ.

Even So... said...

Good words, ladies...

Even So... said...