Thursday, November 08, 2007

Silly Soldier or Seasoned Warrior?

But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires
(Romans 13:14 – ESV)

The daily life is a daily battle, a battle against your own unhealthy, ungodly desires versus God’s will for your life. We spend much time trying to become sanctified, getting our desires to line up with the Word. In the process we find that many times they don’t. And so while we are still, and always, in process, we are becoming more mature, and more of our desires are starting to line up (super) naturally, while others are a constant struggle.

This presents us with the daily battle. The overall battle for maturity helps us with our overall state, and it makes the daily battles shift to other sites, but there will still be a daily battle, even for the seasoned warrior. Daily things are the front burner issues that we have to deal with, and it is a battle, for sure.

In this battle there are spiritual forces that are aligned on both sides. On one side you have God, the angels, the church, your pastors, teachers and leaders, your godly friends, and your spirit man, your new man, your new life, the real you, whatever you may want to call him. On the opposing side you have Satan, the demons, the world, your bad influences, worldly acquaintances, and of course, your old man of the flesh. All the forces are lined in array, ready to do battle.

A major difference between a silly soldier and a seasoned warrior is that the immature inevitably think they are less vulnerable than they really are. They think they are strong enough, clever enough, wise enough, or they have what it takes, but they don’t. They either go into battle all alone, or they don’t take their weapons. Ability without humility is a liability in this battle.

The seasoned warrior has learned what the battle is like, and they have been a part of many victories, and so they know what to expect, and what they are getting themselves into every day. They know how to start their day, and they know the things they have to stop or they won’t be able to start their day at all. There is no reason to even start a daily battle if you never get out of the devil’s den in the first place. There is a difference between sinning and living in sin. Both are bad, of course, but one is like fighting without knowing how to use your sword, while the other is like going into warfare and taking your armor off first. God is stronger than your sin, but Satan is stronger than your self.

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Anonymous said...

I so admire the (chronologically) younger person (yes Craver, I am old) who understands this battle and is engaged in fighting the good fight early in life. While I am glad that God has opened my eyes now, I do at times get sad about all the years I wasted......better late than never I guess!

mark pierson said...

Spoken like a seasoned warrior!

Craver Vii said...

Chris, are you "old?" or are you (groaning) "ooooold?" I think I'm oooolder in the mornings. At least I sound that way with all these aches and pains.

But it doesn't really matter, does it. A soldier of the Lord does not depend on his age for daily battle.

I hope my teasing didn't offend. (If it did, let me quickly apologize.) I really do have respect for my elders. I am pleased to know about other folks engaged in daily battle like JD, and Mark, and you.

Anonymous said...

Craver--How about this?? I'm chronologically challenged! :D

Anonymous said...

BTW Craver..Ever since I read "The Bait of Satan" by Bevere, I try not to fall into the "I'm offended" trap.

Even So... said...

It takes the seasons of life, learning and discerning, to make one a seasoned warrior...and it is a continual process...I'm still adding a little salt to my diet...

Kristine said...

"Ability without humility is a liability in this battle." -- Amen to that!

Unfortunately, there are so many in the Christian arena who so very loudly teach their beloved doctrines of "entitlement" over this much-needed biblical doctrine of humility.