Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The windows of the soul

Matthew 6:22-23 / Luke 11:34-36…

Jesus was talking about where we put our treasure, and how it affects our heart. Now He talks about how we look at, view, perceive these things, and how it affects our whole life. Jesus asked us to choose between a treasure that will last and one that won’t, and now He asks us to choose between two “eyes”, two purposes, one that will do your whole life and the life of others good, and one that won’t do anyone any good.

He uses “eye” as a metaphor, with the eye describing a person’s condition, their character. A person with a healthy, or “single” eye, is one who is generous. Their purpose involves being a blessing. The opposite is a bad, or evil eye, a person who has a stingy spirit (Matthew 20:15). They are usually begrudging.

The eye is the lamp, and we must keep our lamps filled with fuel, therefore we need to be looking to Jesus if we want to see clearly. Our ethical perception can become clouded by greed, covetousness, envy and jealousy, and darken our whole person. The person who is about Jesus will be a giving person, looking to deny themselves in the interest of others. The person who is a dark soul is always about me, me, me, and never listens to the cries, complaints, concerns, or counsel of others.

What comes in and what goes out matters. The eye is the means of illumination. If it is working well, your whole body, your every facet of life will be lit up. If it is working poorly, every facet will be under darkness. If the means of illumination is not luminous, how dark will your life be?

Your eye tells a story.

It also writes one.

Jesus says, “I see you”.

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