Friday, November 20, 2009

Charge to the Congregation (Radio / Podcast)

My authority to speak to you and give a charge, even though I am a pastor of a different congregation it is the same authority any man of God has in addressing any person or group of people. It is the Bible, the Word of God; if I give you that, then what I say is worth receiving.

1 Corinthians 16:15-16
· In subjection to servant leaders (support their service)

1 Thessalonians 5:12-13
· Know them (Respect them)
· Esteem them

Hebrews 13:7, 17
· Watch their walk and imitate their godliness
· We should be in submission to our spiritual leaders because they have to give an account
· We should attempt to be a blessing not a burden

To the deacons in front of congregation so as to let them know ahead of time:

1 Timothy 5:19 – No accusation is to be listened to against an elder unless there is evidence from 2 or 3 witnesses, they are always in public eye and accusation can be common. People will be coming to you from time to time with criticism for the ministers. I'd like to tell you how to handle that. Tell the person to come with you right then and you'll go see the minister in question and deal with it. If they go with you, fine. However, if they refuse to go with you, tell them you'll go but you will be using their name. If they agree, fine. But if they refuse to let you use their name, that's the end of it. Tell them you will not take anonymous criticism to the ministers.

Romans chapter 12

· Vs.1-2 – daily commitment to God
· Vs. 3-8 – doing your job well, answering the call to service with diligence, don’t fret over theirs, focus on yours
· Vs.9-21 – devotion to one another. Several times in this passage, believers are told to humble themselves, restrain their egos, and to act in love to one another.

This gives us a blueprint for a healthy church. Let a congregation do these three things – daily commit yourself to God, do your job well, and love one another – and most of a church's problems will disappear. If you do these things, the deacons will do well. This church will become a leading light in this community. You will know it, the people of this community will know it, and I will know it, and most importantly God will know it. This is the charge that God gives to you as a congregation from His holy Word.

Romans 15:14 – you can do it

2 Timothy 2:2 – four generations (reproduction)

“Living For Today With An Eye For Tomorrow”©


Even So... said...

This is a brand new post...the audio (15 minutes) is to the right in the sidebar...God bless...

Even So... said...

That isn't actually me in the picture, but it sort of looks like me...

Even So... said...

I gave this charge at an ordination service at another church...

Even So... said...

If you do these things your church will flourish...

MrsEvenSo... said...

Excellent charge! This guy looks nothing like you. I have a picture by the way. :D

MrsEvenSo... said...

Well I guess he sort of maybe does but no offense to him you're much better looking. ;D

donsands said...

"People will be coming to you from time to time with criticism for the ministers."

I messed up on this a couple times, and some other times I was simply able to defend my pastor staight away.

There will always, in every church, be those who want to question the authority of the pastor in an unbiblical way. And these types can be very bold and nasty, even though they have a nice personality at times as well.

And of course it's the prince of the power of the air who is behind it all.

have a blessed Lord's Day JD. And may the people hear your sermon deep down into their ears. Amen.