Sunday, September 13, 2020

A tale of two sons

Matthew 21:28-32…

What do you think? Jesus used stories to draw people into the message, in order to powerfully apply the truth and bring it home to the heart. He caused the religious leaders to come to a conclusion about it, and then used that as a mirror in order to convict them of their sins. He also used these stories to provide comfort to those who would turn to Him. If we prayerfully read our Bibles, and men faithfully preach the Word, it does the same things for us.

This parable gives us a clear picture about the nature of repentance. A certain son said he would not do the work his father had asked him to do. Yet he later repented and did the work. There are those who have openly rebelled. Yet they have seen their sin, turned from it, and come to Christ. They have done God’s will. They repented.

This parable also gives us a clear picture about the nature of rebellion. Another son said he would do the work his father had asked him to do. Yet he rebelled and did not do the work. There are those who say the right thing, but do not do it. They are hypocritical about their sin, remain in it, and do not repent. They have not done God’s will. They rebelled.

Both sons were disobedient, but one realized he had done wrong, and had a change of heart. The other only pretended to be obedient, but he remained hypocritical. This represented those in Israel who had been openly rebellious, but who turned to Jesus, and those who looked and sounded righteous, but who had rejected God.

Jesus is telling the religious leaders that they are the hypocritical son. It is the Father’s will that we see our sin, repent of it, and place our trust in Christ. Hypocrisy keeps us from receiving grace because we pretend we don’t need it by refusing to confess our sin.

The question is, which son are you?

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