Saturday, July 31, 2021

More than money

Luke 15:8-10…

Because Jesus receives sinners as if they were family, they grumble against Him, thinking that He obviously was not from God. Yet it is they who are exposed as having no concept of the heart of God. They have no interest in the joy of God, or what brings celebration to Heaven.

Jesus was bringing the self-righteous into the story, using the dirty (shepherds) and the disrespected (woman) as instruments of illustration. If lesser beings are concerned with lost things, so too, is the Messiah, and so too, should they be.

The woman in the story was on a mission. The monetary loss was terrible, but the possible sentimental value would have made this even worse. It called for a passionate search. Finding the coin was cause for great celebration, not just for this lady or her household, but for all of her friends. How much more valuable are the people around us! Christians must celebrate when salvation’s light reaches the dark and lost soul. Our mission is greater than money.

Unlike the religious leaders, God doesn’t mind being compared to a woman. It is God in Christ who is that woman seeking the lost sinner hidden in the dark and dirty world of sin. He did that for us, and He is the one who places the value in us. When we truly understand that we will truly change, because we treat others like we think God treats us (Romans 15:7). 

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