Thursday, February 04, 2021

The time will come

John 3:23-36…

Whether it is in your own life, in your family, or in your community, if you prepare the way for Jesus, people will question what you are doing. They may not realize it, but it may be a test of your jealousy for God versus your jealousy of others. The movement of God may move right past you, and this doesn’t mean you are in the wrong place, it may mean that your place is to praise the name of Jesus as He stirs up new saints for new seasons in new situations.

The test of increase and decrease will come at you just as it did John. How we handle our seasons of transition, as we move from one assignment to the next, this will prove to us our current level of satisfaction in God, as opposed to the work we do for God.

Moses knew God and did many mighty deeds, but he didn’t get to enter the Promised Land. Still, he was happy for Joshua and admonished and encouraged him. John the Baptist was blessed to see the ministry of Jesus beginning to blossom. We must cheer on the move of God; the dream within us is connected to the dream in all of us. The runners in a relay race are happy to pass the baton on to the next person, for all are parts of the same purpose. When the next man gains, we gain, when the last man wins we all win.

Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, and the main thing all the way through. Jesus has won the victory for all of us no matter what, where, or when our role in the drama of the dream is. Jesus gives us our roles, and to see Him move through others is part of completing our joy.

Would we be willing to be less if it meant that God would do more? What if less for me meant more for someone else, or through someone else?

The time to prove your answers is coming.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! This really spoke to me.