Saturday, February 06, 2021

The depth of the well

John 4:4-26…

Sometimes, along the journey from one place to another, the move of God will transform the mundane into opportunities for ministry. We think that we are just passing through, but Jesus is waiting to see if we are ready for work. We should expect this; the moments are ours, but the movement is His.

Now once we have a real relationship with the Risen Lord, we are usually quick to do what He asks, when we know it is Him who is asking. Or so we think. If Jesus asks you to draw water for Him, it might seem like no big deal. Those whom you travel with may be around or may be coming back around in a while, and we refresh each other, and sometimes we are the chosen vessel. We begin to get used to that.

However, somewhere along the way, Jesus will put you to the deeper test. You may trust that He has enough water for you and yours, but do you see His true depth, that you may be thirsty and looking for water, but He has enough water to draw through you to serve someone else’s thirst?

The source for your soul is what He is proving to you. We need the in-reach of the gospel, and we often get it by becoming part of the outreach of the gospel. No matter that you are tired and dry at the moment; remember the moments are yours, the movement is His.

Jesus began to deal with you on the basis of your sin, not your strength, and your ministry is to become part of the redemptive process, even when it is a little bit of you that needs redeeming at the moment. You see Him, He sees you, He reaches in, and you reach out. The broken vessel carries the treasure of God (2 Corinthians 4:7). The eternal reaches into us and the redemption reaches out from us.

The well is enough for any thirst (John 7:37-39). Are you deep enough?

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