Thursday, November 14, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: You heard that right

Matthew 27:1-2 / Mark 15:1 / Luke 22:66-71 / John 18:28…

This is the third part of the church trial. The first two parts, before Annas and then Caiaphas, were a mockery of justice on many counts. These were held at night, which was illegal, and Jewish law forbade forcing someone to incriminate themselves, but that is exactly what the high priest was attempting to do as he put Jesus under oath. Jesus was repeatedly mocked and beaten by the soldiers before, in between and after the trials on the way to His death.

This third trial was by the full council of religious leaders, called the Sanhedrin, and was after day light, giving the proceedings a veneer of legitimacy and due process. The council was seeking to charge Jesus with blasphemy. Jesus had already done that, as far as they were concerned, but now they wanted an official, legal, account.

Jesus answered their question, but not before He gave them a rebuke. He knew that they would not believe the truth of what He told them, and they would not allow Him to cross examine them if He did testify against Himself. Jesus affirmed He was the Messiah, but reminded them, just as when He was questioned before, that they were in His hands, not the other way around (Matthew 26:64 / Psalm 110:1 / Daniel 7:13-14). The council was judging Jesus, but in the end, He will be the one who sentences them.

They pressed Him further. Would He admit that He was the Son of God? If so, they had the evidence they wanted. Now all they needed was the cooperation of the state, to kill Him.  Their attempts to phrase the questions differently were not attempts at justice as much as they were attempts to justify their hatred. They understood the testimony but were blind to the Truth.

We are called by God to proclaim the light of Christ. But you must remember an important truth about truth. You can make something as clear as crystal, but a darkened heart will never see the Truth unless God illuminates the soul (2 Corinthians 4:3-7). 

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