Sunday, November 03, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: The kiss of death

Matthew 26:47-50 / Mark 14:43-46 / Luke 22:47-49 / John 18:2-3…

It is amazing to watch the calm of our Lord as He is betrayed and seized. Usually, if we know someone is out to get us, we will fight back or flee. But here, Jesus tells Judas to go ahead and do what he came to do. To know that someone is out to get you and yet to allow it to happen seems unthinkable to the natural mind. Crises have a way of revealing our character, and here the character of Jesus shines through the darkness, more than any of the torches and lights that the mob was bearing. 

Jesus was spiritually prepared. He was calm because He knew God’s Word and He was counting on God’s providence.  He was not thinking that He would be spared from the suffering, but that righteousness would prevail in the end. This was not about the protecting of His life, but the power of His resurrection. Jesus knew His role in the gospel required His death.

Christians are the friends of God and the enemies of evil. Because of that, there are many who would be instruments against us. Some people seem like they are sent directly from the devil as a personal minister of malice. Yet, while they may cause us great distress, the “kiss of death” cannot stop the gift of eternal life.

There may be times when we will be betrayed by those close to us. When Judas comes for us, we do well to consider the dignity of Jesus considering the indignity of the event. We do not have to be happy about things to be holy about them (1 Peter 4:19). 

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