Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: More than words

Matthew 12:33-37…

The Pharisees were supposedly the most righteous of all the people, but here, when contrasted with Jesus, their hearts are shown to be as dark as they really were. Even though they were accusing Jesus of being evil, it was they who were.

Jesus teaches us that our words and our actions manifest our thoughts and our attitudes. They point to what is in our heart, what we are really like. He is teaching us to examine ourselves, and to examine our teachers. He is teaching us how to discern the hidden evil of the heart.

The way we evaluate a heart is by what it produces.  The fruit reveals the root. It was not right to say that Jesus was evil even though He did good things. His life revealed His character. So does ours. The Pharisees, despite all of their pious pretense, could not hide who they really were when they were seen by discerning eyes. Neither can we.

We are what we think, say, and do. You can’t bring a good treasure out of an evil treasure chest. What we say and do is a result of what we think, what is in our hearts.

Most people really don’t pay much attention to their words.  And yet, the Lord Jesus says that our hearts will be made manifest in the judgment by our words. We must live in the light of the fact that our talk will be judged. Our speech is evidence (James 1:26).

There’s nothing like the tongue to remind you that it is impossible for a man to walk perfectly before God (James 3:2-13).  Your tongue shows you that you need the grace of the gospel in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thankfully, the words of a repentant heart, “Father, forgive my sins by the blood of Christ” are words that will acquit us in the eternal court. 

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