Saturday, May 25, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Revealed but concealed

Matthew 17:22-23 / Mark 9:30-32 / Luke 9:43-45…

The disciples had been told about the resurrection of Jesus before. Now it was the second time, and Jesus was also warning them ahead of time about the treachery and betrayal that lie ahead. While it had been revealed, to them the understanding of it had been concealed.

They were afraid to ask about that. Sometimes we cannot comprehend what we have heard and so we are afraid to know more. The truth is that bad things are going to happen sometimes, but Jesus knows about them ahead of time, and He is still with you. He often gives us clues that bring us comfort later. He is preparing us for perseverance.

Just because something seems of no immediate use, this doesn’t mean it isn’t important. The significance of some things is like a seed that is to sprout in the future (John 2:22).

So it is with the Word of God. Haven’t you ever had a familiar verse or passage of Scripture just all of a sudden seem to burst upon you? 

Keep planting. The revelation you need is concealed in the seed. The growth of the mature is harvested in the garden of the mundane. Every second counts with God. 

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