Sunday, May 12, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: A personal word

Mark 7:31-37…

People wanted to see this deaf and speech impaired man healed. Jesus agrees to help, but seems to go about things in a rather unusual way. He performs six actions that speak to us before He speaks the word of healing to the man.

It was personal (taking him aside), practical (he put his fingers into his ears… after spitting…touched his tongue), and prayerful (looking up to heaven…he sighed).

When we are bringing someone before God in prayer, we have to be willing to let Him do things His way. It is personal, tailored to meet more than just the needs we see, or think. Jesus wants to work on the whole person. He wants to help them, but He wants more than that. He wants to communicate with them, to let them see just how much He cares. And not just in general, but individually, intimately. He wants to be their God. He wants to speak a word to them.

That is what they need, for Jesus to become real to them, as He is to us. He must touch our spiritually deaf ears to open them up. He must touch our stuttering tongues if we are to be released. He must speak the word if we are to hear and to speak His truth.

Whenever you intercede on behalf of someone, remember, Jesus does all things well. 

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