Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Show and tell

Matthew 8:1-4 / Mark 1:40-45 / Luke 5:12-16…

People want to be healed and helped, and Jesus is indeed willing, but there is a greater purpose than the mere ministry of the body. The crowds were filled with enthusiasm but not filled with comprehension. They understand in the temporal sense, but the greater healing, the deeper meaning, the eternal reality, that God in the flesh was among them, was apparently escaping some of them. Healing of infirmity is wonderful but healing for eternity is greater, and Jesus was much more than a healer of the body, He was and is the only true healer of souls.

Sometimes, when Jesus helps and heals us, it is not yet time to tell the whole world about it. Rather, it is time to be obedient, and get back into those things that are expected of whole people. Just because Jesus breaks the patterns of sin doesn’t mean we are free to break the patterns of life. You need to let your life show that you have been healed, and its purpose, being obedient, rather than just trying to go and tell everyone about it, without the obedience. If we want to be mature, we won’t let our zeal make our announcements premature. When we are healed the first place to go is not the public square, but into the secret place, for the sacred giving of thanks.

Jesus could no longer openly enter a town. The man went out to tell everyone, in spite of Jesus’ command, and the movement of God was redirected, in spite of the man’s zeal. Can Jesus openly be on the move through your life, or do you limit the move of God by your disobedience? When they would press, He would pray. Jesus intercedes for you (Romans 8:34 / Hebrews 7:25), but do you go along and show the deeper meaning of healing by your obedience?

Because of our disobedient enthusiasm, people may come to Jesus for the wrong reasons, not that it is wrong to come to Him to be helped and healed, but that then all people are looking for is their Jesus fix, instead of being Jesus’ followers. They want to come and then go on their way instead of following His way. People want to get healed and helped without having to then be obedient, and oh how it is like this in our churches today, more especially for those who won’t even go to church! We approach Jesus when we want our fix, but our hearts are not fixed on Him. Jesus wants us to be devoted, not just when we think we need Him, but realizing that we are always in need, and therefore we obediently follow Him all along the way.

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