Monday, February 11, 2013

Daily Gosepl Devotional 2013: Back to the future

John 4:46-54…

Jesus often returns us to scenes where He made Himself more fully known. At the first instance, He examined our motives for asking. He attuned us to His spiritual timing. He did indeed act, and taught us to know that His overall purposes must be kept in focus by the faithful.

Upon the next pass of power along the path, we must learn His ways as He stretches us out, for others’ sake. Obedience was a key at the last turning point, but now it must run deeper. Now it is not just for the manifesting of His glory in the immediate, but for the ministry of His glory out of the range of our sight. We have to go forward in faith, without seeing the water turn to wine (2 Corinthians 5:7).

It is not a blind leap, it is a blessed leading, and we trust the eyes of Jesus rather than our own. We cannot as yet see the miracle, but we do see the Master, and He bids us go on. We cannot see into the future, but He can. He is already there, and He tells us to go ahead and meet Him there, where He has acted for His glory and in our behalf by acting on the behalf of a loved one. More proof that we are His loved one, and that our loved ones can come to join Jesus.

The man came forward to Jesus because of what He had done before. He went back to action after he believed in the word Jesus said now. He fully believed and became an evangelist when he walked with faith into the future. Time and time again, Jesus will again call us to remember that it is about who He is, not just for us, and not just through us, but to us.

What say you of Jesus? He only does what He does because He is who He is. Why do you believe? Is it because you’ve seen His signs? Is it because you’ve heard His words? Or is it because you’ve met Him as God?

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