Monday, January 31, 2011

Daily Gospel Devotional: January 31

John 2:13-22

Show me the money…

Jesus is not against commerce, He is against manipulation. His face is always set against those who would use the people, in the name of ministry, but for the sake of money. If you are to follow Jesus, be sure that He will be driven to drive out those who defile the house of God.

It is with the same furor He will fight against the love of money within your own soul. He will not hold back, but will fashion whatever means necessary and available to overturn the tables of trade you wish to do business with. You don’t bargain with God, you bow to Him. Would you attempt to manipulate God or His people, or yourself, by placing filthy lucre above the faithful Lord? You must see with spiritual eyes and let Jesus drive the evil from you, His temple (1 Corinthians 6:19).

If you think with your old ways you will not understand why Jesus is so adamant and fierce against the tyranny and treason in your heart. If this be the case, Jesus will seem like a wild warrior, upsetting the whole balance of your mindset. You will question whether this is truly God’s will, and miss the spiritual message in His movements.

If you are truly saved, if you are truly His temple, you may destroy the work in your life for a moment, but He will resurrect once again to dominate. The false idols and ideas in your heart, no matter how long they have lingered, no matter how calcified the conscience, they can be shattered in a near instant by the mighty power of Christ. Let Him have full reign.

Jesus is coming for your treasure, so that He may be your treasure (Matthew 6:21). Do you trust Him in your house; is it now become His house? If He is to be master, you must answer this question. Is your soul a place of prayer, or is it a den of thieves?

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this is a particularly interesting scripture when you consider us as individuals and temple of the Holy Spirit.