Thursday, April 01, 2010

Oh No You Don’t! (Radio / Podcast)

But to the wicked God says: "What right have you to recite my statutes or take my covenant on your lips?
(Psalm 50:16 – ESV)

Have you ever watched a program, or seen a conversation where someone who is an unbeliever nevertheless uses Jesus or the bible as an authority for what they say? It is tough when you watch them torture scripture or misrepresent the Christian message. Don’t you just hate it when they seem to get away with it, especially if you had an answer for them?

If unbelievers try and appeal to Jesus or say that you cannot do this or that because Jesus wasn’t like that, well, how would they know? “I’ve read the bible”, they will say. Sure. Anyway, 1 Corinthians 2:14 tells us they cannot truly understand it unless they are submitted to it. You can only exercise authority to the extent you are under that authority. Unless they quote chapter and verse, correctly understanding the context, then their rants are just useless interference and pure speculation. Why are they using Jesus as if they knew Him? You don’t have to argue with them, just correct their misunderstandings with scripture.

If they don’t believe in Christianity, why would they care what Jesus said anyway? For them to use Him as a reference against His own is absurd. What’s more if they think they know how Jesus would react or do something and it isn’t how we would do it, then what is stopping them from becoming a Christian? Why would they not follow Christ if He were so good compared to us? If they like how Jesus does it shouldn’t they call themselves true Christians?

Well we as true Christians know that He is so good compared to us and we don’t always do what Jesus would do or even know what that would be. But we are following Him and learn from Him, unlike those who just want to use Jesus as some sort of opposition to His followers when they have no real clue what Christianity is all about anyway.

Don’t get mad at people like that; just correct their incorrect assertions with the correct scripture, and pray for them. This is just one more reason they will have absolutely no excuse at the judgment. Those that talk so loud now will say “Lord, Lord (and they will say Lord all right), it was your followers fault I didn’t believe in you.” He will say, “Were you following them or me?” “If you thought they were false compared to me then why didn’t you live like me as an example? But no, you followed your own ideas, and you didn’t love me, and you hated those that did love me, and you will now go where you wanted to be from the start, away from me, and away from those that love me, forever….”

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