Tuesday, February 03, 2009

60 Seconds (31)


1. A prayerful attitude should be maintained (Matt. 21:13).
2. A cheerful countenance is an essential (Phil. 4:4).
3. The center of attention must be Christ (Col. 3:17).
4. Love must be shown without respect of persons (Jas.2:9).
5. Dress at church should be discreet and modest (1 Tim. 2:9).
6. Our conversation should be centered around God (Phil. 3:20).
7. Our church properties must be respected (Lev. 19:30).
8. Music should exalt the soul (Eph. 5:19).
9. Lyrics must be scriptural and meaningful (Col. 3:16).
10. Accompaniment music must be in the background (I Cor. 14:17).
11. Participants on the platform must be born-again, dressed appropriately and prayed up (Jas. 3:1).
12. Those exercising the gifts of the Spirit, or in prayer in the audience, must be blameless (1 Cor. 13:1).
13. Special honor should always be given to older people (1 Tim. 5:1,2).
14. Younger people must be in subjection and obedient (Eph. 6:1).
15. We must be subject to one another (1 Pet. 5:5).
16. We must make visitors feel welcome (Heb. 13:2).
17. We must emphasize the positive and minimize the negative (Phil. 4:8).
18. We should emphasize what the Bible emphasizes (Rev. 22:18-19).
19. The Word of God must be the focal point (2 Tim. 4:2).
20. Idle conversation and loitering has no place on church property (Lev. 26:2).
21. A strict “hands-off” policy must be maintained for the opposite sex (1 Cor.7:1).
22. Crying babies should be taken to the nursery (Prov. 19:18).
23. No one should leave while a service is in progress, except in case of emergency (1 Cor. 14:40)
24. We should be on time (Acts 3:1).
25. No one should move in a service, except at the conclusion of a prayer, a song, a sermon, etc. (1 Cor.14:33).
26. Those having to leave the building for any reason should sit toward the back when returning (1 Pet. 3:8).
27. The ends of the pews/chairs should be left empty for late comers when a large crowd is expected (Mark 2:2).
28. Back pews/chairs are for parents with active small children, visitors, and a few of the personal workers (Mark 6:39).
29. Young people, and others who need to obtain the very most from the services, should sit, when possible, towards the front of the church (Luke 5:1).
30. Families should often sit together (Ex. 20:12).
31. Youth without parents should befriend older people of the church and sit with them (1 Tim. 5:1).
32. Older people should take special interest in “lonely” young people (Matt. 18:5).
33. Homes should be open to allow young people to fellowship after church (1 Peter 4:9).
34. Older people should not force traditions and customs on younger people (Matt. 15:9).
35. Younger people should respect older people’s traditions and customs (Romans 14:15).
36. Older people must give basic principles to younger people (Matt.23:24).
37. Younger people should listen with respect to those who have had experience (Prov.22:17).
38. Any church-sponsored outing must be well-chaperoned, wholesome, and always concluded with a brief devotional time (Mk. 6:31).
39. Dress on outings should be modest and sensible (Phil 4:5).
40. People with no children, or who have severe problems at home with their children, should speak rather softly in teaching others how to raise children (Jas. 1:19).
41. People with small children should not have an unusually critical attitude towards parents with teenagers (1 Tim. 1:7).
42. People who have apparently succeeded in raising their children in the right way should wait until their children’s lives are finished before mentioning their success too much (Prov. 22:6).
43. We must not prohibit their attendance, or show anything but love, to people who may be dressed inappropriately, or who may be of another race or social status (Jas. 2:1).
44. Members of the church, anyone in leadership, or those in singing or other platform groups, should definitely have higher standards of moral and dress codes, and have a good report in their church and community (Matt. 15:14).
45. Elite groups that feel they are better than others because of special talents, gifts, cliques, or groups that feel they are more spiritual than others, have no place in church life (1 Cor.3:3).
46. Griping is never tolerated. Constructive and loving suggestions are appreciated (Jas. 3:9).
47. Pastors should feed the flock of God with the Word of God, in love, and be an example of helping in every way, including having control of their homes (1 Pet. 5:2).
48. Obedience to the Word they preach, and high esteem because of their calling and works, should be given to the Pastor and church staff (1Thess. 5:12-13).

Dave Arnold, Pastor, Gulf Coast Worship Center, New Port Richey, Florida


“Living For Today With An Eye For Tomorrow”©


Even So... said...

hmmmmmm....any takers?

Even So... said...

This list did not originate with Pastor Arnold, he emailed it to me and said someone, he cannot remember who, gave him 30 years ago...so he is not sure of the source...

Even So... said...

I might think that this list could generate considerable discussion, but some of the suggestions are solid...

MrsEvenSo... said...

10. Accompaniment music must be in the background (I Cor. 14:17).

This is an example, imho, of flimsy argument with scripture. Am I missing something here or does this really have nothing to do with it?

Even So... said...

I see what you are saying, the proof text offers no proof...having said that, it does offer a principle, perhaps...

The important stuff is the primary stuff and gifting is not to take center stage above the Word...things that are secondary must not take primacy and bring undue attention to themselves...

Something like that, perhaps, as Paul shows them from 1 Corinthians 13 that love is to take precedence over gifted performance.

Even So... said...

Saw this link from Challies today, which gives a little perspective, perhaps...


…a church service isn’t a concert at which an audience sings along with the real performers. Musicians—every one of them, including the singers—are accompanists to the congregation’s praise. They should be mixed loudly enough only to do their job of leading and supporting the congregation.

Even So... said...

I'll take that as a fair representation of what I think #10 is trying to say...

Even So... said...

Another reason why we have a Friday Night "Joyful Noise" time...

Even So... said...

"Jamming for Jesus" does have its place, but I think it isn't for Sunday mornings...

MrsEvenSo... said...

I agree.

Christopher Cohen said...

I agree though I also think that 'Jamming For Jesus' should have it's rules and guidelines, especially when 'Jamming' in the same room as Sunday corporate worship. There is still too much room for forgetting on Sunday that we're not to Jam, and dishonoring the sanctuary. A true 'Jam' session should take place off campus in my opinion.

This post is really amazing. I have to read it a few more times as I am really stirred by it.

I was on some site where there was a woman talking about how a church was doing her wrong, and all these supposed believers were leaving her comments about how the bible doesn't say to go to church, and how a church building is a cult object. Needless to say it got real ugly and farther south. Then there are the emergent beliefs that supercede any of these 48 items, as long as you are feeling good when you are at church. What happened to these etiquettes? Why are they no longer addressed in mainstream churches? For me these recommendations come back to honoring God in all we do, and remind me of a time in history I wish I had lived in. How do we get back there?

Christopher Cohen said...

Clarification on previous comments first paragraph:

There is a big difference between making a joyful noise, and acting like small children with noisemakers.

Christopher Cohen said...

Not that small children cannot make a joyful noise.........

Christopher Cohen said...

Have I told you lately how much I enjoy Dave Arnold?

Christopher Cohen said...

....and I guess Paul did have something to say about kicking praise bands........

T said...

Good post.

I think the relaxed nature of our society has caused to many people to treat God like their homie instead of like the sovereign God of the Universe.

Far too often people are more concerned with making others comfortable and keeping butts in the seat....instead of honoring God with all that you are.

Most of this list are good ways to honor God, learn properly within the church and function as a healthy body. If you get your church in order...God will keep the butts in the seats, or at least the ones that are suppose to be there.