Thursday, June 12, 2008

Radio Broadcast / New Website

Hey there everybody,

We have ventured into local radio and have added a New Website ( which is still under construction. However, already available there is a radio button link, click it and it takes you to a page with a show archives link underneath my mugshot...we are broadcasting M-F 4:30-4:45 pm, today (6-12) being day 4, but the first week is archived already...I realize that many of you are nowhere near us, but we hope to be doing streaming audio soon, and of course the archives can be listened to at anytime, if you can stand hearing me for 10-15 minutes! Um, don't answer that. This is not a very high power station, limited to Citrus County, but good coverage here, and we have the archives, and the site, which will give you an overview of our church and the various ministries we are involved in, will be being developed over the next week or two...This site will give you an idea of what we have been doing, and will link to our blog, which we post on 5 or 6 days a week, and links to our sermons from every week.

May His mercy shine upon you all,


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Even So... said...

We have placed a permanent link to the new site just underneath the sermonaudio link to the right, under the profile box...

MrsEvenSo... said...

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! Hallelujah!

I'm excited. Can you tell?

Canary Joy said...

Enjoyed listening today. It was pretty cool to hear you and Chris out in radio land. Like the intro music...God Bless.

JoyfullyHis said...

AWESOME! This is SO cool! Am really enjoying all the websites! WOO HOO!
Go Papaw! (and Cohens)
Yippee Skippee Dance ongoing.

Annette said...


donsands said...

Sweet. God blesses beyond what we could ever imagine.

Pray BIG prayers, because we have a mighty big God!