Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Camp

Each summer, for the past 23 years, one of the elders of our church has held a Christian summer camp. This is done along with many adult volunteers, from both our church and our community. We have about 25 kids, and this year, about 15 counselors, as well as many adults. All in all, we probably have between 35-55 people at the camp at any given time for a three week period. There are tons of activities, games, fun things, crafts, leadership and discipleship training, critical thinking development, Bible studies, and Bible Skits and so on, too much to name here.

Well, that part that I do most often is "music". It is a chance to get the kids to have some fun, and do some things the adults will enjoy. It makes some of the kids have to come out of their shell, and it is just generally all around wackiness. But it also allows us to worship God in song, in a fun way. You see, I take secular songs and give them new lyrics. We do dance moves, play kazoos, and get everyone involved. I thought I might like to post a few of these ditties, which I make up on the way as I drive the half hour to camp each morning. I pray, ask God to help me and the children, and He just puts a song in my head, and we change the lyrics as I drive. I hope these will edify you in some small way. Enjoy!

To the tune of “Low Places” by Garth Brooks

I’ve got friends in holy places
Where I learned steel drums and social graces
And thank you notes, and made knots with rope
I learned to sew and I met new faces
And my life will have a Bible basis
‘Cause I’ve got friends in holy places

I’m the Vine ye are the branches
If you need some help don’t take no chances
Just stay with me I’ll set you free
So get your Bible and turn some pages
And your life will grow in heavenly stages
‘Cause you’ll have friends in holy places

To the tune of “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” by Aretha Franklin

Oooh, what you want
Oooh, you know we got it
Oooh, what you need
Oooh, yeah we got it
Oooh, all we’re askin’ you to do
Is read it, yeah

Just a little bit (x4)

It’s the B-I-B-L-E
Find out what it means to me
It’s the B-I-B-L-E
Jesus Christ is real, you’ll see,

Read it (x8)


Just a little bit (x4)

It’s the B-I-B-L-E
Find out what it means to me
It’s the B-I-B-L-E
Jesus Christ is real, you’ll see,

More fun tomorrow...God bless you (I hope they stay in your head!)


Even So... said...

The first stanza of the first song has camp activities in it...

Craver Vii said...

What's "TIWIARN?"

Even So... said...


Frank Turk (centuri0n) started this ongoing thing which became an inside joke about people who post personal stuff that no one else is interested in, and now everybody calls him on it, Phil (PyroManiacs) even has a whole sidebar menu dedicated to it...

Even So... said...

Recently (6/13) centuri0n asked for his readers to nominate previous posts for his new sidebar item, "greatest hits"...I of course nominated TIWIARN...

His response:

TIWIARN is, by a long shot, the most funny and useful post I have ever made. No question.

If you are considering how long a joke plays out, he's definitely right...long live TIWIARN...

Anonymous said...

JD, Melissa was reading todays Post from work today while she and I were on the phone. She started laughing so I asked what was funny and she said I had to check out your blog. The rewrites are great and caused us to relive our visit last night.
We both really really had a great time last night, both social and Spiritual. Our most sincere thanks to you and Margie, JD.
I hope we can do that again sometime.

Even So... said...

Yeah, I know, this post isn't the kind you comment on, 'cause you're not sure how you feel about it, but if you were there, and saw those kids, etc.....they see that we can have fun and love our Bibles and our Lord too...and that we are called to be the solution to culture...