Monday, June 04, 2007

The Gospel Road

…since through the law comes knowledge of sin.
(Romans 3:20b – ESV)

The Law of God brings the knowledge of sin (Romans 7:7-8). It reveals the rebellion and it stirs up resistance. It doesn’t show how to be righteous it shows that we haven’t been righteous and we cannot in our own power be righteous. The Law stirs up resistance wherever the Holy Spirit is not ruling the heart.

Now here are some incredibly important things to consider. As Paul said earlier in our study of Romans, we know instinctively that we aren’t justified that is why we have such a guilty conscience, and so some try everything they can in the religious world to appease it, and then since they can’t they say that sincerity is enough, and that all roads lead to God. Well sincerity is no substitute for truth, and the truth is, all roads do lead to God, but only one road will lead to God justifying us, all the other roads lead to God condemning us.

People are trying to justify themselves any way they can. “Be all you can be and God will accept you based on that.” No way. People try and justify themselves in their own eyes or the eyes of their parents or their peers and the eyes of the world, as if that were enough, the praise of others quiets their fears. That is why they chase fame, fortune, and even faithfulness to some cause. But they are looking to be justified by the wrong person. They may achieve their dreams but they won’t achieve justification, and they know it. Now many don’t even achieve their dreams, and so they sear their conscience by medicating it with their favorite drug of choice be it sex, drugs, rock and roll, or whatever.

Hearing the truth reminds us that we are guilty that is why before you were saved you didn’t want to hear bible preaching. You didn’t want to hear the good news because it meant that you had to come face to face with the bad news. The Law points out your sin and everyone knows it is ugly, they just want to avoid it and say “not me”, but then they look at all that is in the world and talk about how bad it all is. Well friends it is all of us, and it is obvious.

Acts 13:38-39 – no religious system will make you righteous before God
Hebrews 9:9 – the Law and the priesthood was a symbol of righteousness not the substance
Hebrews 10:1 – no sacrifice you can do will make you perfect
Hebrews 12:23 – God does it He justifies you He makes you perfect in His sight
Romans 10:3-4 – Jesus is the end of man made religion
Hebrews 7:24-26 – A shadow to show our sinfulness we could stay religiously busy our entire lives and it would not be enough but Christ is a perfect high priest for us
Hebrews 10:10 – once for all. What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus
1 Timothy 2:5 – there is only one thing that God will accept

People don’t want to believe that man cannot save himself. They want to believe that men can warrant eternal life, that they can come to deserve the kingdom of heaven, but they question is why, why would that be so, why should God justify you? Personal righteousness is not enough. Practicing religion cannot offer you a full free pardon from sin. How are you going to justify yourself before God, the bible just told you that your works cannot do it. Who are you following, who is leading you, Oprah; is she going to save you? It is time to stop trying to justify yourself and time to just-deny yourself, and follow Christ. Get on that gospel road.

Yes, all the other roads lead to God too. However, the road Jesus is on leads to justification by God and a place in heaven. All other roads lead to damnation from God and a place in hell. When you can say that you aren’t good enough and that Jesus is, that is how you get on Redemption Road. I am not good enough so I can’t trust me but Jesus is and so I’ll trust Him. Everyone is trusting in something; what are you trusting in, your sacrifice or God’s sacrifice? Your road will get you to God, but what road are you on, the road to heaven or the road to hell?


donsands said...

"..they look at all that is in the world and talk about how bad it all is."

This made me think how people have a tendency as they climb up the hill of life, they find a nice plateau where they can feel secure, because they can look down and see so many more beneath them.

"I'm a pretty good husband, I take care of my family, i go to church, i don't get parking tickets, and i help the elderly, and support my local mission.
Yeah I have a bad temper, and I'm not really a man for praying, but I figure God's happy with all the good I do, and I'm thinking that outweighs my few sortcomings."

This was once again such a refereshing look at the truth of the Gospel. Thanks again JD.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

I agree. Great post JD.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I will ever see God in the same way. This mornings service was one like I had never heard and nearly the only topic in this house today.
Thank you for being an obedient vessel, JD.

Even So... said...

Thanks all, and to Paul (hey I did a rhymie thing), we will cover that same material again next week, and we will see it here online in two weeks...

Anonymous said...

This post is so true. I can testify to this first hand. I was the exact same way before I truely came to know Christ. This is a great post and you gave a great sermon today JD. My blog spot is spelled heavenlisoldier an my email is let me know how to add you to my html code like you asked. May God continue His great works in an through you.

Craver Vii said...

I like the way you phrase things.

“It (the law) doesn’t show how to be righteous; it shows that we haven’t been righteous.”

“…sincerity is no substitute for truth,”

“…all roads do lead to God, but only one road will lead to God justifying us; all the other roads lead to God condemning us.”

“It’s time to stop trying to justify yourself and time to just-deny yourself…”

And finally:

“I am not good enough (for justification) so I can’t trust me, but Jesus is, and so I’ll trust Him.”


Even So... said...

Thank you for noticing Craver, I do those things very is intended to make bigger things easier to remember...there is so much for believers to know and be aware of, and turning phrases, I believe, helps us to get our hands around complex issues in ways that we can access and articulate to others, and keep our own minds sharp...