Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Altar of Adrenaline

…watch out, you who live in your own light and warm yourselves by your own fires…
(Isaiah 50:11 – NLT)

What is it that energizes you? Most people work in the strength they already have. (Isaiah 50:10-11 / Jeremiah 2:12-13 / 17:5). This is what I call the “altar of adrenaline”. Are you living out of the energy of your flesh, or has God begun redefining the way you live by renewing your energy in Him? We’ve said before that bitterness is what energizes some if not most people. You see if we are being energized by our bitterness, we are not and indeed cannot be energized by God.

Do you have an altar of adrenaline? Some people are so used to being sad, they have learned to derive energy from it. They resign themselves to living in that state, and draw their power to live from it. When they hear a little bit of bad news, they immediately go into their adrenaline mode to be able to cope, and actually bring on more pain to give them more energy. Being sad spurs them on in a sense.

The same goes for anger. We create situations where we are angry at something that didn’t even happen. We imagine for a moment the “what if it did”, and become adrenalized and feed off the only source of energy that will satisfy us. We may even get up in the morning and dream up a scenario that will raise our ire, just because it gets us going. This is the reason for the road rage drug and its disproportionate response. This is why some people get high; they instinctively recognize a problem but don’t know how to deal with it other than muffle it through drugs, legal or illegal.

We have got to get a new workplace – the prophetic and not the pathetic. We are not victims we are victors. We are always to be working for the Lord. We need the right source of energy to do the right kind of work; otherwise all our work for God is wasted and becomes mere words.

People may not believe a word you say, but they will believe everything you do. When your actions line up with your words the conviction that people will see in you will herald the revolution to those whom God would call. You become greater than mere words, and larger than life. This principle holds true for churches too. We say that we are a loving fellowship, but will we prove it by loving the undeserving? Many can talk the talk; will we walk the walk?

We walk the walk by working together in God’s energy. Working together – its like fishing with a net versus a single rod. Instead of using our linked arms to pull each other up all the time (we do it when necessary), we need to get together on the same page. When we are walking and worshipping at the same pace, our linked arms are much more than a support device, they become a net to catch others. Casting a line catches one at a time; casting a net is better yet. Jesus said “I will make you fishers” – plural – of men.

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Daniel said...

Excellent thought this morning, thank you!

Even So... said...

Thanks, Daniel. As with most of my writing, I am still having to learn this one.

Christopher Cohen said...

We walk the walk by working together in God’s energy.

One more reason why you have to go to church! I'm really examining that thought because the bible references in many places the power of God or spirit of God ascending on two or more. It really makes sense.

I was addicted to being depressed for a long time. When things were good, I thought about the sad or bad things even if they happened a long time ago, just because it felt good to be depressed (pre-wife, pre-kids). I knew I was doing it but didn't realize why. This puts it in perspective for sure.

Thank you.

Annette said...

well spoken. Thank you. do all the follow through.

donsands said...

I've seen bitter people with energy. I saw one church memeber, whose bitterness was so powerful, he took on the whole elderboard.

Sad to see such bitterness. I am bitter still because of this person's anger and resentment towards the church leaders.

I find when I pray for this person, then the bitterness goes. How often do I need to pray? Some days is 7 times 70.
And it's the Holy Spirit who empowers me to do this. Satan comes and lies, and allows the bitterness to settle in, and his subtle lies are enticing, let me tell you.
But sharing about my bitterness is what helps, and God is faithful to help me overcome this sin.

Thanks for an excellent post JD.

Even So... said...

May it be that we increase in Christ to the death of self-energy...