Friday, July 14, 2006

The “Ad” Agencies

…your adversary the devil… /… we have an advocate…Jesus Christ…
(1 Peter 5:7 / 1 John 2:1)

Advertising is big business in the world today. It is a known fact; if you want to launch or reposition your product in the market, you need to advertise. The influence of advertising can be felt throughout the modern culture, from what we wear, to what we eat, to what we drive, and for some, even where we worship. What we allow ourselves to come in contact with will influence our decisions. Often, it may even cause us to try and buy inferior products and services.

When companies are vying for a limited amount of currency, they concoct advertising campaigns in order to draw attention to their product, and away from the competitor. “Ad campaigns” are the bread and butter of business marketing. But good advertising does not necessarily mean a good product; only time and use will tell that.

Have you ever bought a product because it all of a sudden hit the market with a bang and everyone was talking about it? How many times, however, have you found out that you were sold a false bill of goods? The product was not of the quality you imagined it to be, and it didn’t perform as you thought it would. It’s enough to make you not want to listen to commercials anymore.

Eventually if enough people are fed up with it, they will file a claim for false advertising. Even if no one does file a claim, you will tell others if you’ve been burned, that’s for sure.

Now consider this. How many times have you bought a product based on word of mouth, one that may not have been advertised as much, but it was testified to by people you learned to trust? It was of the highest quality, greater than you imagined it could be, and it performed far beyond expectations. This makes your day, and you want to tell others about this great product.

The “campaign” wasn’t as slick, but the “ad” was true and the product was better. You’re all too happy to tell others by word of mouth.

Well, it is the same in the spiritual world. There are “ad” campaigns being run all the time. However, there are really only two agencies vying for your spiritual currency. The Bible describes the two heads of these organizations, calling one the Adversary (Satan) and the other the Advocate (Jesus).

The Adversary is described as a “roaring lion”. His ad campaign is aggressive and loud. It is designed to appeal to your flesh, and he uses the world and its carnal enticements to ensnare and recruit people to his company. The problem is, all his goods are addictive, and destructive. They wear out, they are of poor quality, and the cost keeps going up. Eventually, it costs you your entire life, but that life isn’t worth much now anyway. You have to become a slave to what you thought was a great set of goods. The returns are diminishing, and you borrowed on your spiritual capital to the point that you can’t get out of debt. No one can pay up, and this company is going out of business.

Conversely, the ad campaign of the Advocate is different. He is described as righteous, and He seems to speak in whispers. However, the goods the Advocate is advocating are good. His strategy is aimed toward the heart, His goods are built to last, and they are of a timeless quality. The best thing is that they are free. Instead of just costing you your crummy old life, you get a new life in return. You willingly serve this company who treats you so well. The returns keep getting better and better, and you are building up spiritual capital all the time. This company will never go out of business.

Which “Ad campaign” has your attention more often?

How is your spiritual capital?

Whose stuff are you buying?

What “company” are you supporting?

When are you going to make the switch to the Advocate?

One ad agency gives you a real Person, and the other ad agency gives you a wrong program. Jesus isn’t a product, He is a person, and unlike our adversary, He won’t sell you a false bill of goods.

The Bible says to buy the truth (Proverbs 23:23). Think about it…


Even So... said...

Don't get "burned", and spread the Word...

Ray said...

Yes, and the scary part is that the adversary is active in the church...
Places that are not grounded in the Word of God, and Christ-centered are often selling the false product, maybe even unwittingly!

BTW, got here from your shameless plus over at Bugs! ;-)

Neil said...

good stuff!

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