Friday, July 07, 2006

Separation in Progress

Updating our post “STRIKE FOUR: ICHABOD!”

By the grace of our Lord the pastor of the largest congregation in the Episcopal Church, USA (ECUSA) has announced that Christ Church, Plano, Texas, will be separating from the denomination, while attempting to remain part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Please pray for this man, this church, and other churches that will surely, by God’s grace, be leaving this synagogue of Satan. I praise God for allowing David Roseberry to see the light and heed the warnings so many have given. I say it again: GET OUT NOW!


Here is the link to our previous article:

Do your friends in the Episcopal churches they attend know of any of these events? Now is the time to tell them about it, do so with grace and humility, but also with earnest and truth.

This brings up another topic: SEPARATION…..any takers? Let’s define terms first, shall we?


Anonymous said...

Definitions...yes..... this is where I'm struggling with some of the earlier commentary. There are terms like historically, culturally, "in that society" and such used when determining if something is valid (like women in leadership positions) for the church today. I've even had those kinds of arguments used when speaking of homosexuality. Help me out here guys....does it always have to be so complicated???

Even So... said...

No, it doesn't, I just ask to define terms so that we don't talk in circles so much, and so we understand each other.

I am doing this over and over for you, actually, so that you may see some of the debate from a more informed perspective.

With separation, I am talking about first, second and third degree, like known heretic, hangs out with known heretic, etc., etc., where to draw the lines, differing views there for sure.

Some say guilt by association, like no KJV no fellowship, so then we have to define fellowship, some say we can't go into a corner, anything goes, etc. I will come out and define my understandings soon, I have a funeral to officiate, and visits to make, so have a nice weekend. I will get to these if and when I can, but in any event, God bless.