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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Jesus needed three things

Mark 1:35-38 / Luke 4:42-43…

So many lessons to learn from these few choice verses! To fulfill His purpose, Jesus needed constant contact with heaven. He was the busiest of men, but He made time. While everyone is looking for Him, He is looking to His Father.

Jesus carried out His ministry in the context of preaching. The miracles, signs and wonders were done in the midst of preaching the truth about Himself and the kingdom of God. Matthew 7:24 – “everyone who hears these words of mine”; this is Jesus talking about His preaching from the Sermon on the Mount. When we are born again it is now our purpose to be prayerful and for our lives to preach (1 John 3:18 / 1 Corinthians 10:31 / Matthew 5:16 / Philippians 2:15).

They “would have kept Him from leaving”. Jesus is meant to move, to be spread out, and not just to be kept inside our own little world. Is your circle expanding, moving? Would you keep Jesus from His purpose just for your pleasure? If you are looking for the move of God it is to be found as you are praying and preaching, but this is also as you are proceeding to fulfill your mission in the movement of God.

Pray, preach, and proceed, that was the plan leading to propitiation.

If Jesus needed these things…

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Remember that this entire devotional series can be ordered in book form @

To be included in the daily email, or to receive a copy of the reading schedule, contact us (primesoul@hotmail.com).

God bless you as you join and continue in the walk with us...


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