Sunday, August 08, 2021

Minimum wage

Luke 17:7-10…

Jesus says, “An increased faith isn’t just fulfilling some growing list of duties; that is just faithfulness.” Jesus describes faith’s personality; faith realizes God doesn’t need it, it needs God. It is not our faith that makes things happen it is God. Our faith is in the ability of our Master not in our ability to muster. Not in what we can do but in what He can do. Not what or how much we do for Him, but in what He does for us. Not who we are but who He is.

Most people don’t really want grace, however. They want to earn wages. If things aren’t going the way they want, or to get God “off their back”, they just add another thing to the list. Yet you could fill up every box on some imaginary list without God having your heart. He wants us to want Him not to simply dispatch our duty. You could do all your duty and Jesus says that all it means is that you are an unworthy servant. You can’t earn grace. Your works don’t merit the wages of favor. There is really only one wage we have earned (Romans 6:23).  

One of the benefits of Christ paying the price of redemption for us is that we might be able to bless Him. We should see things like being baptized, taking Communion, living a godly life, praying, reading our Bible, giving, witnessing and fellowship with other believers as gifts we can enjoy to the glory of God. They aren’t tools for earthly treasure, or burdens we must bear lest we be lost. Let it suffice that in His grace we are storing up treasures in heaven for such things, let alone the fact that they please God.

Obedience is an act of worship, not an earning of wages. It is not to prove your worth but to glorify His. The blessing is that when we come to Him as a servant, He welcomes us as family and friend. Don’t look for a list of minimum requirements. Don’t settle for minimum wage.

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