Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Use it or lose it

Mark 4:21-25 / Luke 8:16-18…

When we were kids we may have been given good biblical instruction, but too often we were just oblivious to it. We have to listen up in order to light up. We have a never ending supply of spiritual strength, but our spiritual batteries are designed to keep us plugged into the source, and they run out without it.

Life and growth depends not just on what we hear but how we hear (Luke 8:18). The person to whom “more will be given”, is the one who “keeps on having”, where you stay in tune with the sound of the scriptures. Be careful what you hear, don’t let the bad stuff in, and be careful how you hear, keep pouring the good stuff into your life and out to others.

The more you use the more you will have, the more you spread the more seed you get, and the greater the possibility of a greater harvest. This is why Jesus said to take heed, because this is your call to increase for the glory of God. He had said that the size of the harvest will vary, and our increase in harvest is determined by our increase in use. Think about it. It makes perfect spiritual sense. This is the whole set up for the Christian life, and a big problem for many Christians. We haven’t grown up, things don’t resonate, there is no depth, and it doesn’t really matter to us yet.

The way to make it relevant, and effective, is to keep spreading it around to others as well as yourself. We keep learning and we keep using and we keep teaching. We are called to evangelize ourselves and evangelize others, we are called to be discipled ourselves and to disciple others. You say, “I’m too busy for all that, I have three children”. Well then you have three disciples, don’t you? Or do you? You can’t blame God because His Word is true. The problem for Christians is if and how the seed is used. The reason we have no harvest isn’t something blocking the soil, it is that we don’t use what we have on ourselves and for others.

What we use to minister that comes from what we have heard is going to reflect how we are spiritually fed ourselves.

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