Saturday, October 05, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Don’t waste His wealth

Matthew 25:14-30…

Jesus had just spoken of those who are wise while waiting, and now He speaks of those who are wise by working. The talents being spoken of here are not aptitudes or abilities, but opportunities. A talent was a sum of money or goods, and these had been entrusted by the master to be used for his benefit. We apply this story to us by understanding that we should make the most of our opportunities for God (1 Corinthians 10:31).  

The notion that wealth should be dispensed “from each according to his ability” is contradicted by Jesus, who said wealth would be given “to each according to his ability.” It is okay to be blessed, and their charge was to make use of their opportunity, being responsible for what they had been given.

When the master returned, he sent for the servants to give an account. One did very well, doubling his five talents to ten. Another also did well, doubling his two talents to four. Both made full use of their opportunities and were rewarded for their faithfulness.

A third servant had no increase because there was no investment. He gained nothing because he risked nothing. He had a long time to use what he had been given, and so in a sense lost money that could have been earned. This third servant wanted to do things on his own terms. He did not want to deal with the responsibility given him. He saw this as a burden instead of a blessing.

How many people withdraw instead of engage and invest. They have been given much, but they risk little. They don’t want to deal with the responsibility they have been given. They want to live their own lives instead of using the opportunities God has given them. They think it a chance for worry instead of a chance for worship. It is all about themselves and their comfort.

We won’t always do as we should, but we can thank God for His mercy and grace. We don’t always make the most of things, but we must make an effort to engage. Things won’t always turn out the way we want when we get involved, but we have no right to simply withdraw. That’s not wise, that’s wicked. Those who withdraw are not entering into the joy of the Master. 

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