Friday, June 03, 2011

Daily Gospel Devotional: June 3

Matthew 18:23-35…

The test…

Jesus describes for us what a forgiving spirit looks like. We are always supposed to forgive those who ask for it because God forgives us everything when we ask. There is no excuse. Forgiven people become forgiving people. We have received mercy and we are called to be merciful. We are to be forgiving to others because God has forgiven us (Ephesians 4:32).

The King of the Universe is going to settle accounts. Some may not subject themselves to His rule right now, but they will be finally subjugated nonetheless, and the King rules nonetheless. Those who place themselves willingly before the King’s mercy will indeed have it. Those who do not, will not and they will pay on the Day of Reckoning.

God’s children will have had their accounts settled at the cross of Christ. They will have repented of their sin again God, against men, against the King and His subjects. Those who have not will have their accounts settled with the most severe of sentences. They will be led away to the Ultimate Prison, and unable to ever pay the increasing debt they will forever owe. There will be no escape, no parole, no way out.

Now there is a test, something Jesus tells us that we will be and do if we truly know Him now as King. To know Him is to know forgiveness, and if we are not forgiving, we do not know Him. This is the Great Surprise that awaits many (Matthew 7:21-27). The words of Jesus are about receiving and giving forgiveness.

We have to receive forgiveness, and the test of that, the test of if we are a forgiven person is if we are a forgiving person. How can we think we are in the fellowship of forgiveness if we are not forgiving people ourselves? Unfortunately many are in for the Great Surprise; they are deceived, so says Jesus Christ. Many are not looking to forgive; they are looking for ways out of it. It is as if they are looking for ways out of heavenly fellowship, and indeed, sadly, tragically, they are doing EXACTLY that.

Ask King Jesus for forgiveness, receive it, and spread around the fragrance of forgiveness to your world as a child of God. This is what pleases the King.


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MrsEvenSo... said...

So then we must ponder the I really want to please the King? Or do I want to hold on to earthly pleasures by justifying my actions to do what I want when I want because "I deserve it?" and I'm tired of being mistreated (by my own definition)!

Lord purify our hearts that we may truly deny ourselves, pick up our cross daily, and follow you.

Even So... said...

good word, honey...oh, and thanks for telling me of the typo...fixed it...

Even So... said...

Do you folks forgive me for my typos...?