Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mission Field

be ready always to give an answer, to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you
(1 Peter 3:15)

Once again, all your prayers for my father in law, JR, who had a major stroke last week, are very much appreciated. He was left paralyzed on his left side, but is getting more and more movement every day. Every single one is making a difference. Let me prove that by telling you about today. The Providence of Our Awesome God is truly wonderful.

1) We have been telling you about his witnessing there in the rehab hospital, and Monday he spoke to a woman who had never heard of being saved. JR used the little Gideon New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs to show this woman her sin and her Savior. Well, today that same woman, Laurie, said she believed that Jesus rose from the dead and that she wanted Christ to save her and be her Lord! Hallelujah!

2) As I arrived today for an unannounced visit, I was coming to the front and lo and behold, my mother in law Marge was just leaving. She looked so thrilled to see me, and I asked her if she was leaving for home. She said no, she was going to go buy JR a robe, and so I tagged her hand and said, “my turn, tag, I’m it”. His wife, two of his daughters, his friends at the church, and his pastor have all been keeping him company, and he said he knows and appreciates all the prayers. I have told him several times about all our friends all over the world in the blogosphere who are praying. It is so good to know of people with like, precious faith.

3) JR has been talking to several of the staff and patients about Jesus, but he could not give any of them, including Laurie, a Bible, because the only one he had with him was that little Gideon NT. He likes that one because in his condition it is easier to use, and it has a “plan of salvation” in the back. Well, I remembered as he told me this that last week I had been cleaning out the closets at the church, and we had several brand new, never used Bibles exactly like this one he had, same size, same color and all! I told him I would go by the church on the way home, and he would have them tomorrow. God is so good.

JR, since he retired, and since he pretty much stays around Christians only, has not been able to witness like he used to on the job sites (he was/is a Master electrician). He said to me today (and had done so Monday as well) that God had him here to answer his prayer for a mission field, a chance for more fruit at this stage in his life. He had a purpose, and what can I say about that but to God be all the glory…


Anonymous said...

Just having a look round your site!
God bless
Maria in the UK

Craver Vii said...

Praise the ever-living God! What a marvelous thing that we have been brought into a relationship with a real God and not just a religious system.

I think it was somewhere near Isaiah 40 (I'll check later) where God was making fun of idols and idol worshippers. The God we worship is our creator, not our invention. He is living, and active and working in JD for His good pleasure.

Praise the Father also for the support given to JD through his family and to his family by our Christian brothers and sisters.

How wonderful it is to be able to tag you guys and get in the action through prayer!

Thanks for the updates!

Jim said...

Yes, glory be to God for in indescribable gift.

Praise the Lord he has revived the desire and opportunity of your father in law to share Christ.

Neil said...

The seeming personal tragedy of the stroke was planned by God from time immemorial as the means by which Laurie would come to the truth. Our God is an awesome God.

Continuing to pray for JR.

Kim said...

Aww, that's awesome! What an amaziing display of God's soveriegnty.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Go God! And Go Grampa! Way to use this for God's glory! Thanks for visiting for us JD, glad you're there. :)

Even So... said...

Well, momma's little girl finally stopped by and left a comment...God bless you, dear...My hope and prayer is that your New Year is as wonderful as this last one...tell Ian that PaPaw said "oh no, a bug!"...

One Sheep's Voice said...

Wonderfully Awesome! We in our simple minds often think of the physical tragity first. This is a great lesson to keep our minds open to what God may be doing before we go into that, "woe is me" frame of mind that we so often do when things happen to us. (Speeking personally of myself). MANDI!! Wonderful to hear...see... read of you? Lord be with you and yours!
(just incase you don't know who this is) :) Paul Dickinson