Monday, October 16, 2006

Session 2 - Phil Johnson

Phil began by discussing the situation in the PCUSA, which points out the necessity for a right understanding of this doctrine of the Trinity.

He then went to discuss the fact that Muslims, Jews and Christians do not worship the same God, that as Christians, we worship a Triune God, the One true God.

The OT was not explicitly Trinitarian, so how do we bridge the gap between the OT and NT economy? We must understand that Moses had a veil on his face, and was also veiled himself; he had to hide in the cleft of the rock, as it were. Even Moses did not have the more full revelation that we in NT economy have today. It is a major aspect that we have a more clear revelation, however, even in the OT much points to the Trinity, with types and mysteries. Jesus was there in the OT, He said as much Himself in John 5:39,46, John 8:56, and Luke 24:27.

Psalm 2 – A Hymn of the Trinity

This psalm reveals the focus of the OT and the entire Bible –
John 5:39, 46 / John 8:56 / Luke 24:27

Quoted several times in NT in reference to Christ – Acts 4:25 / Revelation 2:27

This psalm in its immediate sense was celebrating the establishment of David’s throne in Jerusalem, but the language goes well beyond and before David’s day

19 Psalms that are called “messianic” that is, they allude to Jesus, this is the first one

Vs. 2 of this Psalm – “anointed” in Hebrew (Messiah), Greek (Christ)

4 stanzas – 3 verses each
Vs. 1-3 – voice of the World
Vs. 4-6 – voice of the Father
Vs. 7-9 – voice of the Son
Vs. 10-12 – voice of the Spirit

Battle of the Ages from God’s perspective
In this psalm we see the entire gospel message encapsulated
We see God’s sovereignty, man’s depravity, and the enemy’s futility
The message is that He will triumph and set Christ on the throne

Vs. 1-3 – Voice of Defiance – the World
Contempt for God’s authority

Vain thing – irrationality recalls Romans 1:21

Why should someone who doesn’t believe in God spend so much time arguing against Him?

The whole world of unbelief is in every sinner’s heart – Romans 3:10-19

Unbelief often masks itself as piety but it will always show itself in rage against the Truth of God

Acts 4:25 quotes vs. 1-2 – primary fulfillment is in the crucifixion of Christ

Luke 23:12 – unlikely allies – Romans governors and Herods were not friends at all, but they all conspired against Christ, not for political reasons, but spiritual ones.

Same today, we would try and cast off God’s rule, and the result is fornication, adultery, abortion, euthanasia, etc., and this again parallels Romans – 1:24-32.

If we think of the world too much we think we are losing, but we must remember, it isn’t WE who need’s to establish Christ and God’s kingdom, God has had this planned out all along.

Vs. 4-6 – Voice of Derision – the Father
God laughs, mocks / world is raging, but God is laughing, all attempts to overthrow Him are ridiculous Psalm 115:3

They try and intimidate (God’s people), but God is not intimidated, he doesn’t try and intimidate back, He is confident, a laugh of scorn, temple of Dagon (1 Samuel 5), Daniel 4:33 (Nebuchadnezzar), Moses and plagues representing and mocking the Egyptian gods

He is displeased but not vexed, He will vex them

Thomas Allen – how must His frowns be if His smiles are so terrible?

Spurgeon – God’s anointed is appointed and will not be disappointed

He will use their own rebellion to serve His own purposes

Vs. 7-9 – Voice of Devotion – the Son
Son is devoted to the Father’s word, will, and work

7 – Not suggesting a beginning but a clue as to eternal relationship
The decree was in eternity past – Hebrews 1:8-12 / John 5:18
John 3:16 – always begotten
John 15:26 – always proceeding
Anthropomorphic – language picture we can understand

8 – the same heathen become the inheritance – Acts 15:14
To do this it will cost His life – John 15:10 – God’s will, His command was that the Son die

9 – Christ’s work is to enforce God’s authority – Revelation 2:26-27
Divine decree in eternity past that Son would sit on the throne
Believers will reign on the throne they opposed

Vs. 10-12 – Voice of Decision – the Spirit
Not clearly identified, but indicative of the Holy Spirit’s wooing and pointing to Christ

Closes with special invitation
10 – intellect
11 – will
12 – heart
Appeal to full surrender

We know this is the Holy Spirit because while the call is to all, not all will hear.

Grace – blessed are they that trust
Kiss – significant – among equals

This is the condescension of God to us, heathen, to elevate us to the throne, and God’s plan is being performed to perfection.

This was an outstanding presentation, and in all candor, very much in line with our church, as I have been teaching through Romans 1, and we are at the end of the chapter, so when Phil linked Psalm 2 to Romans 1, I decided to tell him that I would be using this outline for my message on Sunday. He graciously consented to let me “use” it, and, when coupled with my unique understanding of our congregation, and with much prayer and some careful addition, it brought a fuller understanding of the Trinity, our Romans texts, and application for today to our church. Thank you Phil for this timely and timeless message. Well done, indeed.

Next up, Dr. Robert Reymond…. don’t miss it!


Even So... said...

Perhaps the Reymond session later today...

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to reading this one!

Craver Vii said...

I printed it out so I could look up the scripture references in a not-so-hasty manner. Thanks for doing this.

Since we're talking about the doctrine of the Trinity, I have been entertaining Jehovah Witness discussions at home for three months or so. The main guy is a really nice person. It's too bad that they have not been able to grasp the truth yet. But I will not give-up hope. Our God is mighty to save. We meet again this Wednesday. The lady he's been bringing lately is really sharp. She can find all the tangents and misapplied scriptures at a dizzying speed, and seems incapable of breaking free from their indoctrination.

How freeing it is to know that I don't have to be wittier or more seasoned, but that the Holy Spirit who's personhood she denies, can Himself break through that barrier of unbelief.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Praise Him all creatures here below.
Praise Him above ye heavenly host.
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.