Monday, May 22, 2006

What If Everyone Else Were Gone?

Someone, a fellow blogger, recently asked some tough questions. Perhaps almost everyone has or will ask something like this at one time or another in their Christian walk.

What if there were no Christian bookstores, no Testa-mints or Sweet Shalom bars. What if there were no "Religious Right" and no "Moral Majority"? No "In God We Trust" printed on our pennies? What if there were no Christian radio, or 700 Club? No WWJD bracelets or Fish to stick on our cars?

What if even went further... What if there were no Bibles? No seminaries to train preachers and missionaries? What if there was no corporate church?

What if God took all that away? What if it were just us...a body of believers with no marketing agents and no walls to feel safe in? No past to lean on and no rights to demand? What if it was just me? How would the world know what I was?

You would know who you were by the faith God has placed in you. One day, if there is a future Great tribulation, and we do have to go through the tribulation period, then this scenario will happen.

So great question; if all the trappings are taken away, if the culture comes crashing down, what then?

You would "make it"; think about the people being persecuted around the globe who have no "culture", and who persevere anyway, even unto martyrdom.

Well not so as to get all doctrinal or theological or whatever, but I want you to consider something: if we believe that God gives us faith (Ephesians 2:8-9), and causes us to persevere (Romans 8:29-30), then we can wrestle with these questions, but we can also rest assured that the God who started something will finish it (Philippians 1:6). Understanding His sovereignty helps us realize that it really isn't about our faithfulness, but God's, and I am soooo glad about that! It ain't what we did, its what He did! Amen.

In His grace we will find what we need, which I like to call "chocolate milk".

Even So...


Even So... said...

And the world would know you by your testimony and the fruit of the Spirit, you would let your light so shine that others would give glory to God.

Anonymous said...


I know in my own life God HAS taken away some of the trappings and my attitude "wasn't pretty to behold". But I know it was for my soul's sake that He allowed it to happen. And yes, I am thankful for that "chocolate milk" you've talked about.

I think I'm finally getting to understand that it's...

...not because of who I am
...but because of what He's done
..not because of what I've done
..but because of Who He is

Keep it coming Even So

Jerry Bouey said...

One day, if there is a future Great tribulation, and we do have to go through the tribulation period, then this scenario will happen.

Just wondering what you mean by this statement? Are you stating you do not think there will be or are unsure of it? I do believe in the 7 year Tribulation period (Daniel 9, Revelation, Matthew 24, Isaiah 13, etc.), but do not believe the church (ie. true believers who make up the church) will go through it because we are promised deliverance from the wrath of God.

Even So... said...

My comment got erased somehow?

Jerry, I most certainly am a pretribulational, premillenial
dispensationalist. Just wanting to include those, wrong or not, that believe another way regarding eschatology. If they are postribulational, they had better, of all people, get with the program.

That being said, the point is "are you living so as to identify with the Lord Jesus Christ", is it obvious?

Jerry Bouey said...

Thanks for clarifying - then we belief basically the same thing in this area.

I do agree though that no matter WHAT someone believes in this area (if they are truly saved), they need to be completely focussed on the Lord and living for Him now - not focussed on externals, gimmicks, whatever new fad comes along - but completely consumed with Jesus Himself. Then whatever our future holds, we will have His grace and strength to go through it.

Even So... said...