Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Soon and Very Soon

Exciting news!

We have decided to change the format of this blog somewhat. And I think it will be a very good change, and one that you will be tremendously excited about, I hope (ha ha).

In order to spread the message I believe God has given me, and also so that you may receive continuous new material, we will be posting a new devotional article nearly every weekday. This will commence Monday, May 29.

We will still continue to discuss theology, doctrine, and so forth, from time to time in longer articles and more exhaustive formats, but we will most often be getting it in the form of what I might call "pennies from heaven", or small, devotional type articles for you to ponder and enjoy.

I will leave the comments open, so it won't really be any different, we will still go as deep into the subjects as you desire, only now we will have new material almost every day!

I hope this will encourage you to stop by and leave comments often, and to ask for others to do the same, especially those who haven't found a church home yet. My prayer is that this may really be a blessing to help you or those you and God are "working on".

Pray for me that God will allow me in His grace to sow good seed into your lives.

Even So...


Even So... said...

When I say the "message God has given me", it is the same one he gives to us all, the redemptive work of Christ for God's own glory.

Anonymous said...

You're going to give us some "daily bread"........I think you're on to something, Even So!