Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Disciple At The Doctor’s Office

And if you are asked about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.
(1 Peter 3:15 – NLT)

Well, Sam, there are obviously a lot of things you will need to do if your mother is diagnosed terminally ill. The doctor will probably give you an idea of how long she might have to live. Your insurance agent and your family need to be contacted and any other business like the will and such must be taken care of.

Of course, these are all the routine things that everyone has to go through when facing a tragedy. The real question is how will you go on from here, and just what is going to happen to your mother, and the rest of your family and friends, for that matter. Let me ask you a couple of questions, Sam. If your mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness and she dies, do you know what will happen to her? What if this were you, do you know what would and what does happen to you when you die?

You see Sam, my friend may only have a sprained ankle, but even if he found out he had a terminal illness, he would have peace, and so would I. We have both found out something that is greater than any sickness or sorrow we might have to deal with. Just like everyone else we know that we are eventually going to die, but we have a hope for the future even after death. My friend and I both know that death isn’t the end of our existence, and that life after death is going to be a wonderful time, and we are actually looking forward to it.

Doesn’t that sound a lot different than most of what you hear these days? The reason for this hope we have is that both my friend and I are trusting in God that He will take us to heaven when we pass on. We believe in Him, and He has given us a hope that is beyond anything you can think of. I know that God will take care of you and your mother, if you want Him to.

The truth, Sam, is that God has taken care of the death penalty we all have to face because of sin. Sin is doing the wrong things we all do. I have never known anybody that was perfect have you? Actually, though, God Himself came to earth as the man Jesus. He lived a perfect life in our place, a life that God can accept into His perfect presence in heaven.

We still die, but instead of having to pay for our sins, Jesus came to earth to pay them for us. If we trust Him, we have our sins paid for and God can accept us into heaven based on that fact. If we don’t accept Jesus, well, there isn’t any way we can pay for our wrong deeds ourselves, and we will be separated from God forever. That is the bad news, but the good news is that just like me and my friend, you and your mother can have this wonderful peace that we have, and both of you can see each other again in heaven when you die.

Now, Sam, wouldn’t you like to accept Jesus right now, and get this thing taken care of? Then you can share the greatest news ever given to your mom as well. Wouldn’t that be the best thing you could do, especially if she is diagnosed with the terminal illness? Let’s pray.


Craver Vii said...

"...always be ready to explain it." 1 Pet 3:15b

It is a blessing to watch and see how some of God's ambassadors are so ready to explain this hope. A key to always being ready is to always be explaining.

One man I know who seems to always be ready, explains that it is not easy, and it is not a gift or talent. He simply sees it as a matter of obedience, and through much repitition, it appears as if it is easy to do the telling.

Waiting until we get all green lights is a tragic excuse that must be discarded. God is never impressed by saavy presentations or clever arguments, but he is always pleased to see his people trust him and obey.

Even So... said...

Be looking for opportunities, if you are ready they will appear and will not be "forced" on people, but they will happen...