Friday, September 22, 2006

Playing Favorites - Book of the Bible

This week we are continuing to “play favorites”. Today, I would like to know what your favorite book of the Bible is.

I want everybody in on this one, including all the PyroManiacs .

Phil "Spurgeon is my homeboy" Johnson

Dan “booyah” Phillips

Frank “centuri0n” Turk

The Infamous “Pecadillo”

If you must give more than one, then rank them.

As always, there are really no wrong answers, and do not answer, "they are all my favorites", or give us some super spiritual sanctimony.

Bless God as we continue to magnify the Word of the Lord!

Don't try and impress us with the one you think is the most theologically deep, and don't worry if someone else took yours or all the good ones or whatever, just repeat it. Come back and post more than one. What are your special favorites? Which are ministering to you now?

You have another chance to glorify God, and tell the world what His Word has meant to you, so EVERYONE speak up! That means you!


Craver Vii said...

Didn't see that one coming...
Um, Genesis!
Of the three exercises, I like this one the best, chapters and verses (and chapter headings) are man-made. This one gives the best context.

I was going to take your advice and visit Bugblaster's blog, but it's late right now, and the last thing on my mind is NOT going to be that clown image. Tomorrow...while it's daylight!

Even So... said...

1. Romans

2. John

3. Philippians

4. Ephesians

5. Psalms

Even So... said...

Oh, BTW, Craver, I think my wife was scared of that image too...

It looks like Bozo trying to do Karate...

Yeah, Bozo Bonzai, that's the ticket...

Time to go to bed...

Taliesin said...

1. Colossians - short and rich

2. Galatians - a focused apostle

3. Romans - because it should be in every Christians top five :)

4. Ecclesiastes - Life is meaningless apart from God

5. Hebrews - The superiority of Jesus to everything

Time would fail me to speak of Daniel, Isaiah, Micah, Titus, etc.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1. John- describes Jesus the Christ, my Foundation, in great detail- from 1:1 forward.
2. Romans- implores my depravity without Jesus & my righteousness with Jesus.
3. James- very practical; see comments after “favorite verse” post.
4. 1John- I think of it as a great post script to John’s gospel.
5. Psalms- explores the innermost thoughts of those who worship God.

Maybe Dan (& others) hit on something yesterday as he told us of his affection for 1 Chronicles 21; his fondness for it extends outside of the text’s teachings. It reminds him of a time when God’s Spirit viscerally ministered a message to his heart & recalling this chapter recalls this particularly emotional experience, wherein God’s Spirit witnessed God’s Word in an especially powerful way. There may be other passages that teach the same message more clearly, but Dan’s bond with 1 Chronicles 21 seems to transcend the teaching; it becomes the evidence of visceral relationship between the Creater of the universe &, as Dan said, “even me.” This same concept definitely influences some of my “favorites” also.

David said...


Daniel said...



Anonymous said...

Certainly for me, it has been the Psalms. You can everything from deep theological thought, to simple devotional contemplation. David, being a man after God's own heart, certainly wrote like it.

Anonymous said...

Especially at this stage in my life it would have to be the Psalms.

Anonymous said...

Romans; our Pastor is teaching verse by verse on Romans on Sunday right now and says we won't be finished for a few years. Even so... come Lord Jesus! I am really enjoying it thoroughly and believe the entire congregation is growing spiritually as a result.

Phillipians; our Pastor is teaching this book on Wednesday nights. The epistle of Joy! In comparison to Jesus Christ, and then Paul, to think any trial or tribulation that I may go through is anything to fret about is ridiculous. My prayer for all of us is that we will learn to allow His light to shine no matter what.

Ephesians; every time I read it I am convicted and encouraged.


Even So... said...

Thanks Margie, you probably think your pastor is extremely good looking too, huh? He is probably such a help to his wife around the house, and I imagine you believe he is the perfect mate for you, I mean, her. Wow, aren't you, I mean isn't she blessed....


Even So... said...

I guess I might have to leave this up top a couple more days, I dunno...

Neil said...


Kim said...

1 John

Daniel said...

Not even a single pyromaniacal nibble?

Even So... said...

No, I am the Rodney Dangerfield of the TR blogosphere...

Oh, and I should definitely take your title and win the most TTLB impaired blog "wooden nickel" this year, but I doubt Cent will even think of me...

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