Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In Your Face

Do not fear, for I am with you…
(Isaiah 41:10 – NASB)

When life is all up in your face, you need a word.

When you are faced with a crisis of faith,

When you are fighting to get an ounce of courage,

When you suffer from a lack of peace,

When you are struggling to find joy,

When you are desperate to feel a sense of hope,

Remember these words…

Faith isn’t the lack of doubt; faith is in the face of doubt, just as

Courage isn’t the lack of fear; courage is in the face of fear

Peace isn’t the absence of conflict; peace is in the face of conflict

Joy isn’t the lack of sorrow; joy is in the face of sorrow

Hope isn’t the lack of despair; hope is in the face of despair

Think on these things...


Dan said...

Is hope a new one?

Rose~ said...

Hey JD - happy belated birthday! I meant to come on over on Sunday, but now that I am over the hill, I forgot. ;~)

Your blog is neat.