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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: The predicate of praise

Luke 17:11-19…

Many people receive blessings and mercies from God in this life. The purpose of these blessings and mercies are to bring us closer to God in worship. Often we are thankful, but fail to dive deeper in faith, into true adoration and praise. Jesus wants not only to give something to us, but to be something to us.

All ten men were wonderfully, miraculously healed. For nine that was enough. The tenth man wanted more. He sought after Jesus Himself and was made whole. Sure he was looking for the physical healing first, but the power of Jesus caused him to see his real need. 

It is interesting to note that this man was a Samaritan. He had been a leper, separated from society, but was made well and able to integrate once again. He had been a Samarian, marginalized by the Jews, but made to be in right standing with God. Your praise of Jesus puts you into the place beyond the physical, beyond the social, beyond the racial or economic, and into the truly spiritual. People can despise and dismiss you, but no one can destroy that.  

This one man saw Jesus as He truly was. Jesus was not just great enough to give him what he wanted, but so great that Jesus became what he wanted. Nine saw their physical problem, but one saw his spiritual problem. Don’t miss the fact that Jesus calls Himself God here (vs.18). All ten were cleansed in their body, but one was cleansed in his heart.

How deep is your desire for Jesus Christ? Do you know what you really need? Jesus wants to not only be the source of a blessing, but to be the blessing itself. That is the predicate of praise. We thank God for what He does; but we praise Him for who He is.  

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